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The platform named Roblox is considered as one of the most popular things in the game field. No one doubts its popularity. A lot of game developers even created the games similar to Roblox. As being the copied version is considered bad, among the Roblox players, this kind of thing is known as Roblox rip off. What are the sites of Roblox rip off?

The first site is Brick planet. Brick Planet can be described as the name of the game where you are able to play and build the amazing games. The game has more than 600,000 players that are building, trading, and so much more.

The second site is Reworld. ReWorld Online is known as the free to play sandbox MMO. This game creates the tools so you will be able to build your own world, modify it, and share it with thousands of players. It has a full player in the economy field and it focuses on the freedom to do what you want in a world that rewards risks. Basically, in the game, every player will try to terraform the newly discovered planet, and to do that they need to use terrabots in order to establish the new cities and shuttles to deliver materials that will populate those places.

In the game terms, there are over five rounds players fill the 5 levels of the spaceship with tiles featuring terrabots, shuttles, material vessels, and satellites. All the tiles are located at the random around the perimeter of the big ship, and all the players get a hand of cards. In the end, the player can play one or more cards to claim the tile following the rules.

The third site is Blockland. Blockland can be defined as the multiplayer virtual sandbox building game. This game is where you place lego style blocks in order to build anything you want. It runs on the Torque Game Engine. Currently, the game costs $9.99 USD and can be purchased online on the official website of Steam. Blockland was released as the beta in November 2004 and was released for retail on February 24, 2007 and was further released on Steam on December 16, 2013. Actually, most of people disagree with the opinion saying that Blockland is the Roblox rip off because Blockland was released 5 years earlier than Roblox. How can Blockland named as Roblox rip off when it was released earlier?

The fourth one is Kogama. Kogama is known as the multiplayer game that you are entitled to control the mouse and keyboard and create the account, since the tourists are different, they have no right to brand, build a world. It is the 3D multiplayer online sandbox construction game created by Multiverse ApS. In the game, users play, share, and create games within their browser. Every user is able to create anything from the adventure game to the battle game by creating terrain and using game logic. The good news is Kogama is free, but gold cubes may be purchased in order to unlock exclusive content. If you want to play the game, please download the Unity Webplayer.

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