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Saying bad words or swearing on Roblox is forbidden. If you do that, the words that you say will be in the form of hashtags. This thing is good for Roblox users so that they are not able to utter bad words or swearing since it can ruin the situation on Roblox.

Roblox is a game world which want to form peaceful environment so that everyone can enjoy games on Roblox without having to feel bullied by other Roblox players. The feature of filtering words are also done to protect kids from swearing or bad words and bullying which was uttered by other players including from the older players.

Even though Roblox provide filter for avoiding swear and bad words, however some Roblox players are not tired to find the ways to be able to say that without having to be banned or without having to be given warnings. They usually use Swear bypass. In Pastebin website, you are able to find some posts about it. One of them is Roblox Swear Bypass List And Some Bypassed Audios which was posted by a guest on June 20th, 2018. It has been seen more than 150k times.

Based on that post, some of the swear bypass list are:

  • ƭucking
  • sh iƚ
  • sh iƚƚ y
  • buII sh iƚ
  • ƈ unƚ
  • ƚiƚƚies
  • ƚiƚ
  • heII
  • ȟ oe
  • gɑy
  • gɑys
  • sIuƚ
  • ƚhoƚ
  • ƌam n
  • 千ㄩ匚Ҝ
  • 丂卄丨ㄒ
  • los ɐr
  • sƚ upid
  • Fucko
  • Fuckist
  • Phucko
  • Phuckist
  • Hitler
  • Dumbfuck
  • Dumbass

As you are able to see that to be able to write bad words on Roblox, you can use symbols or write it in a little bit modification so that it can’t be filtered.

And some of bypassed audios are:

  • 100% NIGGA: 1931784789
  • XXXTENTACION – Rip Roach: 1925459778
  • XXXTENTACION – Caution: 1914172731
  • STFU: 1736269505
  • Ugly God – Bitch: 1351745359
  • Moaning Audio: 1363567117
  • XXXTENTACION – Run Up On Me: 1585017050
  • XXXTENTACION – Look At Me: 1920784905
  • Is Yo Girl Booty Flat?: 936840366
  • 100% NIGGA (FAKE INTRO): 1607153748
  • XXXTENTACION – #ImSippinTeaInYoHood (FAKE INTRO): 1607597971
  • Shinners 13 (FAKE INTRO): 1072884631
  • Hitler Audio: 856173428
  • Kill Yourself: 1162260927
  • You’re A Giant Faggot: 1088055813
  • I Do Not Associate With Niggers: 1337312904
  • Some Random Autistic Audio: 619950872
  • Nigger Bypass: 1656551015

In that post, he also share the bypassed audio for you all. From this share, we can conclude that if you want to swear by using audio, you are able to use the bypassed audio. If you cannot find it, you can edit the complete song or speech and then make it bypassed.

Even though there is a way to swear or say bad words, we do not recommend you to do that since it is not a good thing to do. If you do this, you can ruin the healthy environment of Roblox and also can make you have enemies.

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