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One of the things that you want to do now is probably adding mod menu tool. But, the problem is you do not know how to do that. Since you access this site and read this article, you do not have to be confused because we are going to inform you about this.

If you try to search videos about Mod Menu Tool in Youtube, you will be able to find some videos about it. Some of them are How to Make A Roblox Mod Menu! (Executable) by Syn which was published on April 19th, 2017; Roblox: How To Put A Mod Menu Into Your Game! – April 2019! [Still Works] by ItsDone which was published on June 1st 2016; New Roblox Mod Menu / Exploit (Sploit) + Download by STC Mods which was published on August 29, 2018; and [2019] Roblox Mod Menu Android by Firesignnn Gamer which was published on February 16th, 2019.

In the video of Syn entitled How To Make A Roblox Mod Menu (Executable), you are able to watch that you have to go to Roblox Studio first. There, you have to choose Baseplate in the Game Templates and then right click on StarterGui and you have to choose Insert Object. There will be a lot of options and you have to click on ScreenGui. Then, there will be ScreenGui appears under StarterGui. Right click on that ScreenGui and then choose Insert Object and then click on Frame. After this, you will see there is a start page in the top left corner of the page.

Now, you have to click on Plugins in the menu bar at the top of the screen and then you have to click on Gui Editor. After that, you have to draw the Start Page of the frame and make it bigger as you can see in the video. Now, you have to go to Property – Frame at the right side of the screen and click on BackgroundColor3. You will choose the color here and in the video he chooses the purple one and click on Ok. Now, go to the BorderSizePixel and make it 4. Then, click on BorderColo3 and here you will have to choose the border color for your frame.

After that, you have to right click on Frame again and then choose Insert Object. Now, you have to choose TextBox. Then, you can adjust the size of the TextBox. Now, you have to click on Text in the Properties – TextBox in the right side of the screen. Here, you have to type “Tut-Menu V1”. Now, scroll it and go to BackgroundTransparency and change the number into 1. Then, click on BorderSizePixel and change it into 0. Then, go to Text Size and change it into 18. Go to the Frame again and right click on it. Choose Insert Object and then click on Frame. So, you will add a frame. Now, you have to make the frame very small as you can see in the video and you have to put it under the TextBox in the first Frame that you have made.

If you want to know more the steps of how to make a Roblox Mod Menu, you are able to watch the video until the very end. Watch it carefully and then you can apply it on Roblox Studio.

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