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For you who love playing the game of Roblox, actually you will not be weird about MM2. That is well-known as a horror game that you can play in Roblox. MM2 is an extension Murder Mystery which defies every Roblox player. No wonder if many people who love the part of this Roblox game.

As a matter of course, you already know all about this horror game. With achievement about 1 billion visitors for this game, certainly, MM2 is worthy to play. No doubt, Roblox always provide a few of platforms that can trigger the users to try. For that, if you are interested in murder, playing Murder Mystery 2 in Roblox is a must.

Talking about Murder Mystery, it is better for us to know all about MM2 before codes list. MM2 was created on January 19, 2014 With the latest update on July 8, 2018. Created by Nikilis, this game becomes popular and be also favorited by more than 4 million users with 1 billion likes. This game actually provides much stuff such as a sheriff, a murderer and also 10 innocent guys at most. Innocent here is unarmed guys who are not able to endanger others players. You need to know that the goal of this game is to find the murderer and help the sheriff who is tried to be killed.

In addition, the goal is success if the innocent guys become a hero after killing the murderer. It is in return for the sheriff has been killed and the gun was dropped. Which makes this game fun is the murderer must quietly kill every individual guy on the map including sheriff before the time is up. Playing Murder Mystery makes every player challenged and honed to give superior strategy.

In MM2 game, certainly, cannot be separated with the codes. In order to play this game successfully, you have to know every codes. This plays an important role in every action in MM2. The codes generally have limited time as announced by Nikilis as Creator on twitter @NikilisRBX. Evenly, the codes are only available for 7 days. So, if you play this MM2 game, you must keep updating to get the codes.

The Roblox MM2 Code List

If you are playing MM2, you are able to use several codes to make your play easier.  Here are the lists of Roblox MM2 that have a limited time:

CORL is for Corl Knife Code

D3NIS is for Denis Knife Code

PRISM is for Prism Knife Code

SK3TCH is for Sketch Knife Code

SUB0 is for SubZeroExtabyte Knife Code (note: with a zero not letter ‘o’)

Aside from that, there are still many codes that do not publish by Nikilis yet. Now, this is time for you to play this game and do not forget that the codes have very limited time. So, it is better for you to follow the Nikilis on twitter so that you will know the limited time codes.

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