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When we talk about Granny, we may will remind about a horror game on Roblox platform, Granny. Based on the research, the game of Roblox Granny made by GabStudio (A game development group). For your information, the game of Granny created on May 2018. The game has place visits around 469,010,000.

Now, you may want to try making Granny so that you open this page to find out that information. Apparently, you have open the right page, here you are able to get the information you need. We are going to talk about making Granny on Roblox. Recently, there are also some others Roblox players who search for this information. They said that a character of Granny is scary, but they like it.

There are some steps that you have to do if you want to make Roblox Granny. At the first step, you have to search and buy the outfits of Granny. For this step, you are able to open the catalog of Roblox, and type “Granny” on the search bar. After that, you are going to get lots of results related Granny. You may will find Granny’s Crossbow that cost 60,000 Robux. Just click at Buy button to buy Granny’s Crossbow. Then, you need also to buy Big Stick that cost 400 Robux. This is one of gears that usually used by Granny. Actually, there are still other gears such as the wooden club, Rolling pin, and more. The next step that you have to do is to find a shirt of Granny. Of course, there are many shirts of Granny. For example, you are able to buy a shirt called Granny. The cost of Granny shirt is cheap, so you do not worry will spending lots of Robux. After you buy Granny Shirt, now you are able also to add face or decals. In selecting face, you are able to select Granny face or Zombie face. Finally, now you are able to custom your avatar look like Granny.

Talking about making Granny, here we will also explain about customizing your avatar.


  • On the Avatar Editor page, you have to tap on any of the available pull-down menus, and chose a category (e.g. hat, hair, face, etc.)
  • If you have multiple items for a given part, so you are able to scroll down until the desired item is located.
  • After chosen, you have to tap on the item-icon that will highlight it in green.


  • Firstly, you have to navigate to your account’s Avatar section on the left of the page.
  • On this page, you need to move your cursor over the Body pull-down menu, and choose Skin Tone.
  • From here, you are able to tap on a color to change the look of your entire avatar.
  • If you want a different color for individual body parts, so you need to tap Advanced in the lower-right corner.
  • From here, just tap on a body part and then choose the color you want.

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