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One of amazing features on Roblox is that you are able to make your own character. You are able to do it after you sign up to Roblox. You are able to make any character that you want. You can make it cool, mysterious, cute, funny, rich, horror and even it can be like you just by arranging the look of his style.

Okay, if you want to make your own character on Roblox, you surely need to change the appearance of your avatar now. To do that, the first thing that you have to do is logging in to your Roblox account. After that, you have to choose “Character” from the menu that you can find in the upper right corner. For your information, the menu button comes up as three horizontal bars. It can bring up the character customization menu where you are able to arrange the looks of your avatar and add all the cool things at the stores.

Now, you are able to select a new t-shirt. Shirts are the most visible change that you are able to make and they wil be able to appear in boxes to the right of your character/ avatar. You have to choose one to equip it. After choose shirt, you can customize the rest of your body. You are able to click on each body part to select accessories, items and customization as well. It is important for you to know that you are only able to wear a maximum of 3 hats, 1 pants, 1 shirt, 1 face, 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 package and 1 gear at once. Now, you are able to click the gear if you finish customizing. You will be able to see a little a gear icon above your character and you need to choose it and select Wear to begin rocking your new outfit.

If you want to make a unique character, you have to think of his outfit so that it can represent the character that you want. In the Roblox catalog, there are a wide variety of accessories that can make the style of your character as you want. In the Roblox catalog, you are able to buy hat, stick, cap, shawl, and many other things for dressing up your character. For example, if you want your avatar looks rich, you are able to add some accessories that can represent it such as Omega Rainbow Top Hat. But, if you want to make a casual character, your character can wear t-shirt or sweater, ripped jeans, and cap. If you want your avatar looks like a music lover, you can add headphones on his head. In the Roblox catalog, there are some headphones that you are able to buy such as Stargaze Headphones for R$ 500, Headphones: 3000 for R$ 500 and Rainbow Omega Headphones for R$ 400.

Since customizing your own character needs to buy stuff in the Roblox catalog, so you need to prepare a lot of Robux so that you are able to buy any stuff that you want and then you are able to customize the character as you want.

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