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Roblox Jailbreak is a role-playing game developed by asimo3089 and badcc that allow the players to either be a robber or a cop. According to the research, the game was first created on January 9, 2017, and released on April 21, 2017. On this game, if you choose to be a robber, so your primary mission is to escape from the prison. Then, if you choose to be a cop, your primary mission is to prevent the robber from escaping the prison.

By the way, how about Roblox Jailbreak VIP Servers? Apparently, you come to this page to find out that information. You may have a plan to join the Roblox Jailbreak VIP Servers. It is alright? If you are really want to join with Roblox Jailbreak VIP Servers, actually you are able to join the server easily. But, make sure that you contact the owner of Roblox Jailbreak VIP Servers so that he add you to the Roblox Jailbreak VIP Servers.

In Roblox Jailbreak, renting a VIP server costs R$200 per month. Bit, it is able to be canceled at any time you want. It still allows the server to remain active until the day that the subscription will renew.


You have to know that VIP Servers can be very helpful. Usually, VIP server owner will invite you or other players to the server for helping them farm cash or perform other tasks. Then, the owners of VIP server can also kick whoever they want using the in-game Kick button and selecting the desired player‘s name.

Apparently, it takes the Jewelry Store and Bank 13 in-game hours to open, unlike in public servers that take only 8 in-game hours to open. But, if there are lots of users in a Jailbreak VIP server, so the time will be reduced. You have to note that Jailbreak VIP servers can also have little lag due to the lack of users. Therefore, the users will not have to deal with any glitches. Usually, the small stores take ten real-time minutes to replenish their cash each time they get robbed (which is the same as public servers). The Museum and Cargo Train open up in seven in-game hours. But, if enough users are inside a Jailbreak VIP Server, so all heists are going to take the same time as public servers to open up.

Another benefit of owning a Jailbreak VIP Server, you will most likely receive less lag if you are playing with a bad connection or older device. This will be suitable for trying to complete the Soccer Net challenge, due to the reduced lag, and random users will not be able to interfere while you try to complete the challenge.

VIP Servers can be sent via a link. It means that you are able to share the server to others without them being allowed to join the server manually. In the official Jailbreak Discord Server, you can post your VIP Server link in an exclusive channel, if you want your channel to be open to the public.

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