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IXA is Kishou Arima’s koukaku (type quinque). IXA has two modes: Lance Mode and Gimmick Mode. In the mode of gimmick, the blade shrinks down to a small stub that uses ranged attacks instead of melee attacks.

However, these still do significant amounts of damage because the cluster of range attacks are able to overwhelm a close-ranged fighter. In other case, in Defense mode, IXA is going to unfurl into a shield with extensions, it is not unlike the petals of a flower in front of the user.

Here are some information that you have to know related IXA:

  • IXA is one of the five most expensive quinques in the game of Roblox Ro Ghoul.
  • IXA has the same price as Kaika.
  • IXA is one of the game-changing weapons alongside the Eto kagune that released prior to the first release of it’s Kakuja and creation of the boss.
  • IXA is the first quinque to have a requirement of RC Cells and a level for the other mode.
  • The reason a requirement was added for the second mode was to prevent low levels from lagging the server.


Block: IXA’s block is very unique because it has a special blocking animation. Besides, it does not have a block effect, so you will not be knocked back if you get hit, you are able to rotate around while you are using it. You are able to hold it as much as you want and the damage is able to be reduced depending on how far your opponent’s attack is from. The farther they are, so the less damage you take from their attack (Can ignore damage completely). You are able to still be grabbed and thrown by Yamori Stage 2. The key to block is the same (T).


IXA only has one stage. But, as we said before that IXA has two modes:

  1. Lance Mode

This mode focuses on close combat and melee combat.

  1. Gimmick Mode

This mode focuses on ranged attacks. Besides, this mode need 7,500,000 RC Cells and Level 1500 or Higher level.

Well, now, we are going to explain more about Lance mode.


Click: You can stab your opponent twice with your quinque (Ignores damage reduction).

E: You can dash towards your cursor whilst stabbing, temporarily blinding your enemy and dodging any nearby attacks.

R: You can move forward while you are dashing. You will become too fast to get hit and ignoring the attacks or ignores damage reduction.

F: You can stab your quinque into the ground, and making a huge area of effect that damages and stuns your enemy.

C: Your quinque’s can lance disappears and turns into Gimmick Mode.

By the way, how about IXA Trolling Ro Ghoul? For this case, we suggest you to watch a video from YouTube entitled “Ro Ghoul – IXA TROLLING”. That video was published by 2KMz on January 4, 2019. Currently, the video has been watching by 259,708 viewers. On that video, the publisher show about IXA TROLLING on the game of Roblox Ro Ghoul. So, you will be regret if you do not watch that video.

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