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The company named Roblox is looking for the amazing interns for a variety of teams. Those are Applications, Growth, Developer Relations, and so on. you will be playing the critical role in scaling the infrastructure at a time of the amazing growth and be able to shape the future of the imagination platform.

Roblox Corporation, the name of the Roblox company, is looking for intelligent and creative individuals who have a strong want to learn the new languages and be on the cutting edge of entertainment technologies. When you are there, you will be matched with and mentored by a senior software engineer from the knowledgeable and veteran engineering staff. Can you imagine ho much of an impact your contribution to the platform will have globally?

There are some requirements to apply the internship program of Roblox. First, you must be passionate about games, user generated content, social networking, and the Roblox community. Second, you must be adaptable and are able to thrive in a fast paced and dynamic work environment. Third, you must be a coding champion working towards mastery of one or more programming languages such as Go, Node.js, Ruby, Phython, C++, Lua, Swift, C# or Java. Fourth, you must be eager to learn and want the real world exposure to the industry-leading frameworks and libraries. Fifth, you must be tenacious about learning and creating a great experience as you work hard with your team to reach the collective goals.

What will you gain if you apply the internship program of Roblox? first, you will be embedded into a software engineering team with responsibility and deliverable. Second, you will regularly ship code to production. Third, you will own and present to leadership a summer internship project. Fourth, you will work collaboratively with the design, product, data, QA, and DevOps teams of Roblox. Fifth, you will gain valuable and marketable experience helping to build one of the fastest growing software platform in Silicon Valley. Sixth, you will work and support one of the talented teams such as Applications, Developers Relations, Game Experience, and Growth.

The Applications team will build the features for the LUA applications built on the top of the Roblox Application Framework. This one allows the engineers to efficiently author first class experiences for all platforms Roblox supports simultaneously. Developer Relations team will educate and empower the developer community. As part of them, you would help improve and maintain the developer and educator web portals, along with making simple games and recipes in the Roblox game engine. If you join the Game Experience, you will need to help them create and refine engaging user controls and interface. Apparently, all the tools they build are used by both developers and players on Roblox. the Growth team can be described as the rapid testing and prototyping team at Roblox.

For those who are interested in Roblox internship program and willing to apply, please complete the form of Roblox internship program. In the end, Roblox will contact you if there is a fit.

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