Facts About How to Be Better at Bee Swarm Simulator

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Bee Swarm Simulator is the name of the game created by the creator named Onett on March 21, 2018. Since the first time its release, this game has been played 13,587 times, has been favorited 2,680,008 times, and has been visited more than 643.9M times. By looking at the statistics, you can tell how popular this game is.

Is playing Bee Swarm Simulator easy? Some people might find an easy time while playing the game, while some might have a hard time. Then, how to be better at the game called Bee Swarm Simulator? Here are some facts that can help you to be better at Bee Swarm Simulator.

  1. How to get the translator?

If you want to get a translator, you need to finish the new quests of Science Bear. The quests of it require defeating mobs, discovering bees and collecting pollen for him, and in return, he will give you honey and a stack of Science Enhancement, that can increase the honey production rate of the bee by 25%.

  1. How you do start a Stick Bug challenge?

First of all, you need to get a translator to start a Stick Bug challenge. Then, go talk to the Stick Bug on top of the mushroom. Please keep in mind that you need a parachute or glider, but if you do not have either of those, you are probably not at a high enough level to challenge Stick Bug.

  1. Which event bee should you get first?

Remember that the general consensus is to get Tabby Bee first. the main reason behind it is because the sooner you start collecting Tabby Love, the sooner your Tabby Bee will reach the maximum level. The thing called Photon Bee is usually agreed to be the next option. After that, everything becomes a matter of how many bees you have, what colors they have, and which quests are you on, so there is no one size fits all guideline.

  1. Which one you should get? The Scythe or the Bubble Wand?

There is no actual answer as everything is a matter of opinion, in the terms of absolute number based on the pollen alone, the thing named Bubble Wand has a slight edge. However, that’s not the entire story. The correct answer will depend on some factors such as do you have more red bees or more blue bees, do you prefer collecting pollen in a line or in a circle, and are you on a ques for a big quantity of red pollen. In fact, some people get both tools, using one for red fields and the other for the blue fields. Do not forget that as you get more bees, your pollen starts making less and less difference, because you will be getting most of your pollen from stacked bombs or critical hits. Another thing to take a note is most people find the Scythe works better for collecting goo because the collecting circle of Bubble Wand is bigger than many goo puddles.

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