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Do you want to put any image on Roblox? You are able to do that as long as you know the Roblox ID of the image that you want. In Roblox, there are a lot of images that you are able to put in a wall of your building on Roblox.

What kind of pictures do you want? You are able to find Tumblr images, Menu of Cafe Images, Quote images and many more. Even you are able to find an elegant, funny, horror, or even cool images. Now, do you know how to find Roblox ID of an image? You are able to find the ID of an image in the URL.

Here, we have a list of Roblox Image IDs that you may like and use.

  • 2066567 for Imagination. In this poster, there is a boy in a box with a rainbow over his head.
  • 184374492 for Fluttershy is so kawaii. In this poster, it is like a unicorn in a yellow color with long red hair. It is so cute.
  • 1053863342 for Manics Grafiti.
  • 447270778 for Birthday. In that poster, there are words says “Happy Birthday to me… Yay!”
  • 781756271 for Mona Lisa dab.
  • 716438261 for Outline Girl.
  • 109251560 for Epic Face.
  • 656960592 for Mac And Cheese Doge.
  • 775630644 for Motorbikes and bikes only sign. In that poster, there is “Parking Only” words. 1121167982 for Mah Besties – Bloxburg Pic. In that poster, there are words says ” You are the macaroni to my cheese.
  • 911729959 for Xoxo – Chillax. In that poster, there is a girl wearing a glasses and holding a glass of drink.
  • 388255011 for Happy Rainbow and Happy Cloud Poster.
  • 911189953 for Xoxo – Queen.
  • 457077747 for Fun Rules for Kids Play Area. In that poster, it is written “Fun Rules: be this tall, no screams, look our for snakes, no alcohol, no diving, no hiding, and we will find you.
  • 910907047 for Xoxo – Down. In that poster, there is a girl wearing a cap while looking down.
  • 1066521396 for Pinewood Cafetaria New Menu. In this poster, there are some food, drinks and desserts including the price. So, it can be suitable if you put this poster in your cafe or restaurant.

You are still able to find other Images on Roblox. If you are able to make a picture or you have a good picture, you are able to upload it to Roblox. After you upload it, then you are able to use it by using the Roblox ID of the image. If you have a good picture and then you want to upload it, you are able to do that by using Game Explorer. Do you know what it is? It is a panel in Roblox Studio that is used to manage a lot of shared assets of a game such as images, places, developer products and many more.

If you want to open Game Explorer to upload an image, you are able to click on the View tab and then you have to choose Game Explorer. You have to make sure that your place must be published to Roblox before the Game Explorer will show anything.

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