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Roblox Grand Continental Railways is the name of the game on the platform called Roblox that was created by TheModsterRB, and is the British Railway Simulator allowing players to drive around in the made up map. This one was started on the 2nd of August 2016 and has been growing ever since. Currently, the game is on the GCR 2018 which featured upgrades to the map and Menu Gui and more.

There are three main stations in Roblox Grand Continental Railways. The first one is Elustour Primordial. Elustour Primordial is known as the New Major Terminus Station which is situated just out of the Charter and Special Trains Depot. The second one is Giles Mount. It is the big station that serves Mainline and Charter services. The third one is Gothan. Do not forget to keep your luggage with you at all times. If you see anything weird on the stations or trains, it is better for you to speak to the game admin, or message TheModsterRB.

Talking about the transport in Roblox Grand Continental Railways, the Mainline consists of the Premier Express, Special, and Charter. Apparently, the GCR’s Premier Express is the only current paid GCR Mainline consist available. This one is the Class 67 which either pushed or pulls the rest of the consist depending on which variation is spawned. There is the DVT or Driving Van Trailer, the name of the unit at the other end. It controls the 67 at the other end of the train and does not have any tractive effort itself. It is only vehicle in GCR that has the loopable horn, allowing the user to keep the horn on for as long as they want. Thomas The Tank Engine and Teamsterz Toy Train are the Special Trains of GCR. As you probably know, Thomas is known as the fictional character in the TV show named Thomas & Friends. This character pulls two coaches, Annie and Clarabel. The Teamsterz Toy Trains is the one that were added in the Christmas Updated in 2017. This one consists of four liveries, red, green, blue, and GCR.

This paragraph will talk about Charter. The locomotive of Roblox Grand Continental Railways consists of Ivatt Atlantic C1 and Class 52. Ivatt Atlantic C1 was the pessenger steam locomotive that was served on the railway lines of United Kingdom since 1902. With 80 more being built at Doncaster Works between 1904 and 1908, this one suffered from the number of teething troubles and was to be scrapped or used as parts. The Class 52 can be in red and blue and is one of the Charter trains. This one is also called The Western Champion and Western Gauntlet. In the future, aside from Ivatt Atlantic C1 and Class 52, there will be something called Grand Touer. More information about this one will come soon, so please keep updating the information regularly. For details information about Roblox Grand Continental Railways, please visit the official website of Roblox.

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