Funky Friday Scripts [Auto Play]

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Funky Friday is a rhythm-based music game you can play on the Roblox platform. This game was created by Lyte Interactive in 2021 and was inspired by the popular game series “Friday Night Funkin,” created by Cameron Taylor. Within this game, you’re allowed to engage in rhythmic battles against other players or AI-controlled characters.

Obtaining higher scores than your opponent is the goal of the Funky Friday game. However, it’s not easy since it actually depends on the game mode you select, the level of rhythm difficulty, and the speed of your opponent.

However, you may be faster than your opponent and get a higher score if you try to use the “AutoPlay” script. If you’re interested in using it, let’s dive into our post to find the script and execute it in the game. Here you go!

Funky Friday Scripts for AutoPlay

The “AutoPlay” or “AutoPlayer” script allows you to automatically gain speed when fighting rap skills with your opponent without having to press certain buttons continuously to match the rhythm and beat of the music. However, the score you get from this battle will depend on how fast you press the button. The faster you press the button, the higher the score you get.

Funky Friday Scripts [Auto Play]

Of course, you can easily get a higher score, or even the highest one, than your opponent without doing anything, making you the winner of the rhythm battle. To make it come true, you use the following “AutoPlay” script in the Funky Friday game:


How to Run Funky Friday AutoPlay Script?

Basically, running the AutoPlay script in Funky Friday will require an executor. Of course, you really need to download a reliable and virus-free one, such as JJSploit, Synapse, or Krnl. You can find them on some trusted websites. Then, you can download it first.

After having the Funky Friday script for AutoPlay and the executor downloaded, you can do the following steps:

  • First, load the Funky Friday game.
  • Then, run the executor when the game is opening.
  • You can copy the script above and paste it in the available box.
  • Then, click the “Execute/Inject” button on the script screen.

Now, you can try to choose your opponent to participate in a rap battle and see whether or not your score speeds up. If so, the AutoPlay script used in Funky Friday is working well. It’s important to note that scripts may stop working once a game updates.

What Features Can You Find in Funky Friday?

As one of the most interesting rhythm-based music games in Roblox, it’s no wonder Funky Friday has been played a lot. The unique thing you can find in this game is that it shows various songs with different levels of difficulty, so the players can choose them themselves depending on their ability.

To get scores, players take on the role of the protagonist and need to participate in rap battles. They can gain points based on their timing and accuracy while pressing specific keys at the right time. Well, the aim of this game is to reach the highest score possible and surpass your opponent in multiplayer mode.

In addition, you can also select one of the game modes from three options, including:

  • Free Play mode allows you to practice songs at your own pace and boost your musical skills.
  • Multiplayer mode allows you to compete against other players in real-time battles.
  • Story mode allows you to face unique challenges and encounters in a structured narrative (if it’s available).

What makes this game so inviting to play is its customization feature, which allows you to adjust the appearance of your character by getting or buying various skins first. You can also beautify your character by equipping it with accessories. You can get all of them with in-game currency or by completing specific objectives.

Until present, Funky Friday continues to receive updates with new features, songs, and improvements, as well as delivering an unforgettable experience for rhythm game fans within the Roblox community.

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