Roblox Facts for Kids

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In Roblox, people cannot only play the available games but also they are able to make their own game and this is one of reasons why people access Roblox and make it as their favorite online gaming platform. However, as we know that people who access Roblox not only adults but also there are kids. So, for parents, there are some facts that you need to know about this gaming platform before you allow your kids to play games in Roblox.

This information is important for parents because they want to know whether this online gaming platform is safe or not for them. So, here we have some facts that you have to know about Roblox.

  • Games in Roblox can be played by kids and adults by using any devices such as PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon devices, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Xbox One.
  • Roblox is a free platform so that you are able to download the Roblox Player for free into your device. However, there is a currency in the game named Robux and it can be gained by buying it. So, there will be transaction using money when you or your kids are playing this game.

  • The currency in Roblox (Robux) can be used by players to buy anything such as clothes, accessories, changing usernames, uploading audio, and many more. If the user wants their avatar look cool, they have to buy some items in the catalog by using Robux.
  • There are memberships in this online gaming platform and it ranges from $5.95 per month to $19.95 per month.
  • Playing Roblox will depend on the internet connection. After you install Roblox in your device, then you will see a catalog of games and then you can tap or click on Play button. After that, the app will connect to the game and load each aspect of the map from Roblox servers. Then, you will be placed in the game with other players.
  • In Roblox, users are also developers. It means that the games in Roblox are created by fellow users not just Roblox developers. When you install Roblox, it will include Roblox Studio. In this Roblox Studio, you will be able to create your own worlds and games.
  • In Roblox, there are parental controls. It is used in the game to make sure Roblox can be safe for younger players. But first, you have to put the correct date of birth of your kid’s account. So, it will trigger the safe chat with a higher level of filtering. In addition, you will get a separate parent login so you are able to check up on the interactions that your kids are done in Roblox.

From the list above, the most important fact is parental control feature. It is because by this feature, parents are able to control the activities of their kids during they access Roblox. If parent are sure that it is safe, they can allow them to access it again. But, if parents see that there is something that is not safe for their kids, they can stop it for their kids.

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