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When you go to Roblox world, you will need some important information related to it because you will see a lot of things in this online gaming platform. One of the things that you need to know is about textures. You may often see Face in Roblox catalog and now you want to know about Face Textures. We are going to explain about it one by one.

First, let’s find out what texture is. Based on Developer Roblox website, texture object will apply a repeating texture to the face of a BasePart. A texture will apply an image to the BasePart it is parented to. The surface this image is applied to is dependent on the FaceInstance.Face property. If the BasePart is resized, the image will repeat.

You need to know that Textures.StudsPerTileU and StudsPerTileV properties determine the size of the repeating textures. See the script below.

1. local texture =“Texture”)

2. texture.Texture = “” –roblox

3. — 1×1 studs repeating texture

4. texture.StudsPerTileU = 1

5. texture.StudsPerTileV = 1

Decal.Textures property determines the image of Texture applies. Then, images are able to be uploaded to Roblox which is provided they adhere to the community guidelines.

There are materials in Roblox. Materials are values which are able to change the texture and or the tone of a brick. The current materials which are available now are Brick, Concrete, Cobblestone, Corroded Metal, Fabric, Diamond Plate, Foil, Forcefield, Glass, Granite, Grass, Ice, Neon, Marble, Metal, Pebble, Plastic, Sand, Wood, Wood Planks and Slate.

Now, how about Face? What is it? In Roblox, Face is item which can be bought in the Roblox catalog and it replaces the head decal of Robloxian in a lot of different unique styles. It is decal which is used for the aesthetics of an avatar. If you want to buy Face, you can go to the Catalog, access Body Parts on the left side of the catalog and then hold your cursor over the text until more text come up. Then, you will see Faces come up. You can click that and you will be brought to all of the Faces on Roblox. You are able to find various faces such as Normal Face, Angelic Face, Angry Zombie Face, Awkward Eyeroll Face, and many more.

If you search Face Textures in Roblox, you will find some results. First, there is Face Texture which was uploaded by Doge Game Fan Group. This face texture is free to use and the last update of the item was on March 16th, 2018. The Roblox ID of it is 1516218048. Next, you can find Happy Face Texture which was uploaded by Denzelbuya. This is categorized into an image and the last update was on March 11th, 2015. It has been favorited 31 times and the Roblox ID is 225456858. But now, this is not for sale anymore. There is also Face.Texture which was uploaded by msn3005. This is a decal and the last update of it was on December 13th, 2009. The Roblox ID of it is 19175367. This decal is also not for sale anymore.

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