Roblox Explosive Gear Codes

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You are on this page to look for the explosive gear codes, aren’t you? However, you are in the right place. Well, in this chance, we are going to show you some explosive gear codes that are probably important for you. So, don’t leave this page, dude!

As we know that Roblox has been offered tons of workable items that you can use while playing Roblox. So as the explosive gear in which it is very needed by every Roblox player. But, before you use it, you should know those codes before. So, if you really need the explosive codes, we show the codes in the text below!

The Explosive Gear Codes

Fuse Bomb. This gear was published in the catalog of Roblox on June 8, 2009. It has been purchased more than 242K times and favored 16K times as of July 21, 2019. The fuse bomb is totally workable for you to make it explode after set it on the ground. The code of this gear is 11563251. Certainly, it is available in the catalog of Roblox. So, you can buy this gear for 30 Robux.

Spikesplosion. This gear was created by Roblox on March 03, 2012. To use this gear, you have to throw this gear randomly. Then, this gear will explode spikes. It can be dangerous in which causing the damage against the opponent and the others around. The gear will explode quick reload time. The code of this gear is 73888479 and you have to spend your Robux for $800.

Black Hole Bomb. This gear was created by ROblox on June 6, 2010. If you use this gear, you will see a huge pinkish-white color bubble on the air. But, you have to drop this bomb before. The bomb will appear with a lighter red, then a pinkish red and the last a really red color. After that, it will make the bubble go where the bomb was set. You can stay to enjoy the bubble in one spot. For a few seconds, the bomb will disappear. The code of this gear is 28277486. To purchase this gear, you must spend for 550 Robux. But, you are not wrong to buy this gear because it is widely popular among Roblox players.

Paint Grenade. This gear was published in the catalog of ROblox on August 15, 2014. It is as the favorite gear among the Roblox users. This is proven in which this gear has been purchased for 1.965 times. As February 13, 2017, this gear has been favored by 873 users. To use this gear, you just pull the pin in this gear and throw the paint. Absolutely, this paint will appear a gorgeous and amazing color look. In addition, the code of this gear is 172246820. You have to spend Robux for $300 to buy this gear.

Subspace Tripmine. This gear was created by Roblox on June 19, 2009. To use this gear, the users must set it on the ground and make it invisible. Then, the gear will explode with a loud immediately, if a player or object steps on it. This gear will appear with pink color after explosion. The code of this gear is 11999247. If you want to have this gear, you should spend for 150 Robux.

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