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If you search information regarding Gear Revolver in Roblox, there you will be able to find some results related it. Gear Revolver can be refer to several things. The first one is the Revolver. It is able to be defined as the secondary gun which can be bought in the shop for 500 coins. For your information, it has the high damage and accuracy. But, it has low fire rate. Apparently, there are 24 ammo, 4 clips and 36 with the +2 clip size or the +50% ammo upgrades.

Besides, the word of gear Revolver also is able to refer to the gear that known as The General’s .45. As a Roblox player, you may ever heard about this item. It is a 13+ gear that was released on November 16, 2012 by Roblox. How is the appearance of The General’s .45? You have to know that it is a six round revolver which is reminiscent to Colt Single Army Action Revolver with a white handle and a small yellow star on it.

The function of The General’s .45 is to deal 40 damage to the target upon the successful hit with the chance to down the gear item, hat, or the limb of the target. Aside from that, it is able to be hold up to six rounds before requiring the reload. You have to note that the damage per ammo clip is enough to KO 2 normal targets who have the normal health of 100 HP, as 40 damage multiple by the 6 rounds in the clip equals to 240. So, we are able to say that half of the ammunition in the single clip (equaling to 120 damage) is able to KO the normal target, assuming that all the rounds hit said target.

We are sure that you want to know Roblox ID for gear revolver. Actually, you are able to see the Roblox ID at the URL on the item page. For your information, the Roblox code of the gear Revolver is 97885508. We have more gear revolver Roblxo IDs you can use to custom your Roblox avatar. Those Roblox IDs are 90030315, 180677586 (this one is for Murder’s Revolver by CloneTrooper1019), 602131409 (this one is for Revolver Mesh Gun by bioicles1296), and 1071935723 (this one is for Wild Revolvers Guns by Zyleth). In order to find out more Roblox IDs for the gear Revolver, so you are able to visit the official website of Roblox. You will not be required to sign in once you have a plan to look for the Roblox ID for the gear revolver.

Aside from visiting the official website of Roblox, you also are able to visit some websites like Roblox ID for finding the gear revolver Roblox IDs. This one do not ask you to login to access that website so you do not need to worry. The last, if it is needed, you are able to ask related gear Revolver Roblox ID on the Roblox community.

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