Life as a Noob Earrape

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In general, the word ‘noob’ is a slang word which means hapless, unskilled beginners who do not know what they are doing. In games world, this term can be used for players who are new in the game and they do not know what they are doing.

In Roblox, based on, this term is defined as a form of internet slang which is mainly used to describe a new user or person. Noob is Roblox also spelled as newbie, n00b, or even nub. Someone who is usually called noob on Roblox is he or she who is wearing the default outfit which means that they are new players and they do not have Robux enough for buying the awesome outfit for the avatar.

The traditional look noob had a blue torso, green leg limbs and yellow head and arms. It is one of the eight colour schemes that player could get for their avatar in 2006 and 2007. Then, from time to time the look of default avatar changed and finally by 2016, the new male players are given the Roblox boy package and new female users are given the Roblox girl package. New Roblox players have R15 enabled by default as they make their account.

The word noob in Roblox is used as an insult. Noob is not only used for users who are wearing default outfit but it also used to call players who has not achieved something while other does. This word is also used to call other players because some players who are frustrated and they say it because they intend to mock another player or belittle them. Besides, the word ‘ noob’ is also used as trash talk or try to make the opposing player frustrated. More experienced players also use this word to call inexperienced players as a stereotype.

Well, if we talk about ‘noob’ word which are often used by Roblox players and even players in other gaming platforms, there are songs about noob that you can listen. Even you can find the ear rape version of it. If you like ear rape song and you want to listen Noob song, the song that we will inform to you maybe will be suitable for you.

In Youtube, you are able to find a video entitled Noob Song Ear Rape which was uploaded by Dorito 48000. This video was uploaded on November 15th, 2017 and now it has been watched more than 1.4K times. In the description of the video, you can see that the song is entitled Noobz 4 Life – 12651 and the artist is J.T. Machinima. The song is taken from album The Greatest Ever. You are able to listen the song in that video.

In Soundcloud, you can find Roblox Noob Song (Bass Boosted) (Ear Rape) which was uploaded by kunt. You have to be careful when you listen to this song moreover when you are using earphone because the song is very loud. If you want to upload these songs on Roblox, you can do it but of course you have to ask permission to the owner and do not forget to mention the owner in Roblox when you upload it.

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