How to Do Damage Roblox Arsenal

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In the game of Arsenal, the players have to kill or assist and reach 32 kills or 16 kills (If in other game modes other than Standard gamemode). After the players reach 32 kills, then they are going to get a golden version. They need to kill someone using their weapon to make their team to win.

By the way, how to do damage in the game of Roblox Arsenal? To do damage, you are able to use the best weapon in Arsenal. As a player of Roblox Arsenal, you may know which the best weapon to use in doing damage. For those who do not know about the best weapon in Roblox Arsenal, well in this article, we are going to share that information.


This is one of the best weapon that you can use to do damage in the game of Roblox Arsenal. The trench Gun is able to one shot kill in close range and middle range. It is excellent in long range too. A single shell from this Trench gun will be able to do at least 32 damage. Many people said that this Trench gun is the easiest gun to get a kill with.

MOSSBERG 500 (32-120 DAMAGE).

Actually, this Mossberg weapon is nearly similar with the Trench Gun. It does extremely well damage at long range and a single pellet does 32 damage. Lots of Arsenal players who use this weapon to do damage in Roblox Arsenal. It is one of the most powerful in the game of Roblox Arsenal.

MK18 (18-43 Damage).

As a Roblox Arsenal player, you may will be familiar with this weapon This is a great weapon in Roblox Arsenal that can be used without difficulty. You will be able to aim down its optical sight for perfect accuracy using right click.

Laser Rifle (8-9 damage per shot).

To do damage in Roblox Arsenal, you are able also to use this Laser Rifle. Based on the research, it is one of best weapons in the game of Roblox Arsenal. This laser Rifle has no spread. But, it has perfect accuracy and a high fire rate. Aside from that, this laser Rifle has large magazine clip and works perfectly across all the ranges.

Well, the text above is a list of the best weapons that you are able to use in doing damage in the game of Roblox Arsenal. After this, make sure that you select the one to make you can damage easily in game. We get information that there are many Roblox Arsenal players who use those weapons above to do damage in the game of Roblox Arsenal.

As we know that on the game of Roblox Arsenal, the players have to kill another player using their weapon. So, the choice of weapon is one of ways to make you can win on the game. The last if you need more information regarding how to do damage in the game of Roblox Arsenal, so you are able to search more information on the forum of Roblox community.

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