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Roblox emote is the term to call the action players that can perform whilst in game. currently, there are eight universal emotes and three purchasable emotes for R15 and Rthro only. All the emotes were introduced on October 2, 2013. Every player of Roblox must type in /e (emote) to the chat for the character to do the universal emote, or use the emote menu to do the purchasable emote. Apparently, all the emotes are silent. All the emotes only make the character move.

As stated before, there are eight universal emotes and three purchasable emotes. For the universal or default emotes, here are the commands. The first one is /e dance. This one will do the first dance for R15 and will do the random dance for R6. The second one is /e dance1. The dance of this command resembles the popular hit from South Korea named Gangnam Style with R6 and raves with R15. Please take a note that this command will not work with R15 and will not do anything if said in chat. The third one is /e dance2. This one is the dance where the player moves from the side to side in R6. In his command, the R15 involves the avatar of the player twisting their arms and looking side to side instead. The fourth one is /ed dance3. This one is the command of the dance where the player jumps on the alternating legs with their arms pointing in R6. A thing called R15 involves the character swaying side to side while moving their arms. The fifth one is /e cheer. By doing this command, the character will jump and cheer but will not make noise. The sixth one is /e point. This command will make the character points. The seventh one is /e wave. This command will make the character waves quickly in R6 and a bit more smoothly with R15. The eighth one is /e laugh. This one will make the character laughs but does not make any noise. On R6, it may look like coughing instead of laughing.

What about the purchasable emotes? What are the commands? Here are three commands of the purchasable emotes. The first one is /e tilt. This one will make the character titl their entire body at the certain angle. The second one is /e salute. This command can make the character rapidly moves their arms to catch hold of themselves in order to salute in the informal manner. The last one is /e stadium. This one can make the character moves their body to the left first and then to the right while in the middle of lifting their arms up in the air.

You can try all the Roblox emotes commands and see if each of them works. For further information about Roblox emotes commands, you can visit the Emote page on Wiki. if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Roblox Support or the community of Roblox, especially the one relates to this kind of topic.

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