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When you do something on Roblox, you need to have the knowledge so that you will not be wrong in  doing it. It is also when you want to disable unequip. If you do not have any information about how to do it, you cannot do it. So, make sure that you always update information abour Roblox and its correlations.

Before we find out how to disable unequip, you need to know about the unequip tools itself. You need to know that unequip tools can unequips any Tools currently equipped by the Humanoid. The unequipped Tool will be able to parented to the Backpack of the Player which is associated with the Humanoid. It is important for you to know that if there is no Tool which i equipped, this function will not do anything. Even though Tools are able to be equipped by NPCs, this function can work only on Humanoids with a corresponding Player. You may want to know the reason of this. Well, it is because a Backpack object is required to parent the unequipped Tool to.

Below, you are able to see the sample which will bind the U key to be able to unequip any Tools the Player currently has equipped. In case you want to use this sample, you have to put it inside a LocalScript within StarterPlayer.StarterPlayerScripts. Here they are.

local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)

local ContextActionService = game:GetService(“ContextActionService”)


local localPlayer = Players.LocalPlayer



function(_, userInputState)

if userInputState == Enum.UserInputState.Begin then

if localPlayer.Character then

local humanoid = localPlayer.Character:FindFirstChildOfClass(“Humanoid”)

if humanoid then









 After you know about Unequip Tools, now you need to know how to disable unequip. This kind of information usually can be found on the Scripting Helpers site in the questions section. Based on the Question and Answer in the Scripting Helpers Questions section entitled How To You Disable Unequippig Or Equiping, the participant says that you are able to use EquipTool if you want to equip something. Then, if you want to unequip everything, you are able to use UnequipTools. If you want to disable backpack to make the player to be unable to equip tools by themselves, you are able to use SetCoreGuiEnabled with Enum.CoreGuiType.Backpack.

In addition, on another Question page at that site entitled Disable Tool Unequipping via The Backspace Key If The Backpack Is Disabled, when StarterGui: SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum. CoreGuiType. Backpack, false) is set, the backpack is disabled and it means that basically the user loses control of the backpack and hotbar. It also means that the user is not able to equip tools anymore manually. But, even if the backpack is disabled, the user still has the ability to drop their tools by pressing backspace.

Well, that’s all the information that we are able to share to you regarding Disabling Unequip. If you have any questions or you may have something that you do not understand because the information is not available in this article, you are able to try to discuss it with other players or developers by coming to the right site such as Scripting Helpers, V3rmillion, or Discord.

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