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Do you know that on Roblox your avatar can dance? Well, this dance can be used by you to interact and also communicate with other Roblox players without having to type old text in the chat. This dance called Emotes and there are codes that you have to type to produce these dances.

Now, let’s find out what emotes are. Emotes are actually part of the Roblox Animation System and it permits a measured amount of fluidity and realism for movements. It is an action that your avatar can perform while you are in game. You are able to do 8 universal emotes and 3 purchasable emotes (R15 and Rthro only). These emotes were introduced on October 2nd, 2013.

If you want your avatar to do a universal emote, you need to type in a “/e” (emote) into the chat. Or, you can also do that by using emote menu if you want to do purchasable emote. It is important for you to know that all emotes are silent. The”/e” must be added in the beginning of each command. If you do not add it, it can not work and you will just enter a message into the chat. So, don’t forget to add the “/e”. After you type the command, you are able to press Enter and your Roblox avatar will do the dance based on the command that you have entered.

What are the commands for producing these dances? Here they are.

  •  /e wave. By typing this command in your chat, your avatar will wave quickly in R6 and a bit more smoothly with R15.
  •  /e point. By typing this command, your avatar will point.
  •  /e cheer. By typing this command, your avatar will jump and cheer. You have to note that it does not make noise.
  •  /e laugh. By typing this command, your avatar will laughs, but it does not make any noise and it may look like coughing instead of laughing on R6.
  • /e dance. By typing this command, your avatar will dance for R15 and does a random dance for R6. In R6, it will dance like Gangnam Style.
  • /e dance2. By typing this command, your avatar will dance where it moves from side to side in R6 and it will involve twisting their arms and looking side to side instead in R15.
  • /e dance3. By typing this command, your avatar will dance where it jumps on alternating legs with their arms pointing in R6 and it involves swaying side to side while moving their arms in R15.

You maybe curious how the dance is, so you are able to try it. But if you want to see the preview for the moves of the commands, you are able to watch videos on Youtube. One of the videos that you are able to watch is a video by Alfie Moon entitled Roblox All /e Dances 🙂 which was published on July 4th, 2014 and until now it has been watched more than 98K times.

Now, you are able to try it on your avatar. You can use it to try to interact with other Roblox players in Roblox. Well, have fun with it!

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