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As we know that the Roblox users can buy the Roblox toys from some shops and locations include Walmart, Amazon, CVS Pharmacy, and Target. Besides, Roblox also has a website on Jazwares which lists the different collections and figurines available, houses the code redemption platform, and lists where the Roblox players are able to purchase the toys.

When you come to this page, we are sure that you are looking for information regarding Roblox toys at Jazwares. Well, let us talking about that here. Now, we are going share some information about Roblox Jazwares. We think that it is very important for you to know it, especially if you have a plan to purchase a Roblox toy.

Apparently, there are Roblox toys that you are able to buy or collect as your collection. Those Roblox toys are mini-figures and playsets depend on various famous Roblox characters, developers and users. You have to remember that the Roblox Toys are created by the company Jazwares. Then, each Roblox toy comes with a unique code which is able to redeemed by you for a limited item or special exclusive item, depending on the Roblox toy you buy. Roblox has partnered with Jazwares to offer a great of toys that inspired by you (all citizens of Robloxia). All collection toys are available on the top retailers.

When you are at Roblox Jazwares site, there you are able to see some menus; Toys, Collector’s guide, Where to buy and Redeem My Code. If you want to redeem your code at Roblox Jazwares, so simply you are able to click at the button named Redeem My Code. You have to remember that each code valid for one-time use. After you redeem a code online, you are able to find your new item in your Inventory on Roblox.

By redeeming Roblox toy code, you are able also to unlock the exclusive virtual items. Here are some step to redeem the Roblox toy code.

  • The first thing that you have to do to redeem Roblox toy code is to scratch off the covering if your code is still covered.
  • Then, please log in to your account of Roblox.
  • Go to the page where you want to redeem your Roblox toy code
  • After that, please go to the page of Toy Code Redemption. It is a page where you are able to redeem Roblox toy code for the exclusive virtual item.
  • Once you reach at the page of Toy Code Redemption, simply you are able to enter your Roblox toy code in the box named Enter Toy Code.
  • Just click the ‘Redeem’ button to start redeem your Roblox toy code.
  • Finally, you have redeemed your Roblox toy code. Now, you are able to check out your new item in the inventory of your Roblox account.

In addition, if you still be confuse how to redeem the Roblox toy code, in the site of Roblox Jazwares, you can also find a tutorial video how to redeem Roblox toy code. So, just watch that video.

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