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Roblox Assassin is the name of the game developed by the developer named Prisman. This geame features the array of weapon skins, customization choices and the plethora of the other features, even though the most prominent feature is the tier system, implemented with the Roblox Assassin. Apparently, the tier system contains Common, Rare, Legendary, and Exotic tiers.

Furthermore about Roblox Assassin, the requel to the renowned of the game is being created by the same developer named Prisman and Plutonem along with the other builders such as Nuxia, Onych and Ziplicit.

In Roblox Assassin, there are some exotic weapons. Exotic weapons are the most popular tiers in Roblox Assassin. This one is the orange color and the third rarest tier to obtain. There are several methods of getting one. Some of them are unboxing, trading, Robux packs (limited) and competitive modes (limited). For your information, there were four examples that were uniquely obtained. The first one is Candy Slayer. This one can be bought for 10,000 tokens or Birthday Blade that can be bought for 3333 tokens. The second one is Jolly Blade. This one is craftable through three code knives. The third one is Crystal. This one can be purchased using the VIP gamepass. The last one is Dark Crystal. This one is the code item.

While playing Roblox Assassin, your one and only tool to hunt your target is a knife. The different colors and rarities of knife do not directly influence the gameplay but they are the nice aesthetic or unlockable towards. One of the first things that you see whilst obtaining the new one is the knife skin. If you manage to get the cool one, you are able to easily be looked at as the force to be reckoned with, but the damages will not change, so it is your choice to spend money on it or not.

Just like most of the games on Roblox, Roblox Assassin has codes. For those who are looking for the code of Roblox Assassin, here is the new code list of Roblox Assassin. The first one is Floating Knife. The type of the code is pet. The code is PrismanGames. The second one is Jolly Blue. The type of the code is knife. The code is Snowman or 1000 limit. The third one is Jolly Green. The type of the code is knife. The code is unknown. The fourth one is Gingerbread Man. The type of the code is pet. The code is unknown. Aside from those codes, there are some other codes of Roblox Assassin such as “walruspls” and “freeknife”. However, it is not sure if the last two are working. In this case, you can try to redeem it and prove it by yourself.

For further information about the code of Roblox Assassin, you can visit some sources such as Wiki and Roblox community. Usually, the new list of Roblox Assassin code will be published by the developer so it is better for you to keep updating.

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