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What Roblox games do you play recently? Do you play Arsenal? In the Arsenal game in Roblox, there is special ability named Double Jump. What is it? How to do it? If you have never known about it and you want to try this ability, you have to read this article until the end.

In Roblox game, there a lot of weapons which have special abilities and they can be accessed manually or passively. How about Double Jump? This ability is also known as Flanking and it is essentially a downgraded rocket jump in the game. The double jump ability is shared by a few weapons and can be quite intimidating especially on CQC Maps.

Besides Double Jump, there are also other special abilities in the game and here are the special abilities which are built into weapons.

  • Tracer Shot

This is shared by all laser weapons and it is a helpful ability which can permit you to aim more precisely.

  • Burst Fire

This ability is now only available to certain weapons. There are 3 and 2-burst weapons in-game.

  • Projectile Arch

This ability is shared all throwable projectile weapons and it is an ability that can make a projectile have gravity.

  • Charged Shot

This ability is an ability which is shared exclusively by the Bomb, Bow and Z80. If you hold your LMB down when you are equipping these weapons, it will begin to do more damage.

  • Fall -off

If you use this ability, the farther you go, the less damage that you will do and it forces the user to be able to get up-close to do high damage.

  • Ramp-up

This is an ability where the closer you are to a person, the more damage you do. It is shared by multiple weapons.

  • Splash Damage

This is an ability which is shared by all explosive weapons and if the bullet/ projectile hits the ground, it will have a radius of which enemies are able to take damage in.

  • Distance Decay

This is an ability where the further you go, the more damage you do.

In the list below, they are the special abilities which are accessed by RMB.

  • Alt-fire

This ability permits the user to their firing mode. The only weapon with this ability for now is the M16A2.

  • Scope

This ability is available in almost every sniper rifle and some other weapons. When scooping, you will be easier to aim.

  • Boost

This ability is used by the Pizza and players will get a speed boost even faster than the default walkspeed when you hold the knife.

  • Shotgun Burst

This ability is scared of players and this ability is by the DB Shotgun.

  • Fan-fire

This ability is exclusive to Peacemaker and Peppergun and this ability has a reason why players should fear it.

Besides Double Jump and also the special abilities that we have mentioned above, you are also able to find other special abilities such as Spell Rotation and Rocket/ Shotgun Jumping. So, you are able to explore the Arsenal game now and use these special abilities.

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