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Roblox is a good place for playing and even creating your own world. A lot of things that you are able to explore in Roblox. If you are one of people who like exploring Roblox and you want to make Roblox animation, now you are probably looking for Roblox animation maker that you are able to download.

If you want to make Roblox animation and you think to download animation maker, you need to know that Roblox has a powerful, built in Animation Editor which permits you to design and publish custom animations. You are able to find this Animation Editor in Roblox Studio. So, if you have downloaded Roblox Studio, you do not have to download other animation maker.

How to use this animation editor? If you want to launch it, the first thing that you have to do is clicking the Animation Editor button that you can find in the Plugins tab. After that, you have to choose the rig to define animations for. You need to remember that the editor will only accept a model which meets the requirements that we will explain in the next paragraph. Then, click OK in the dialog and the editor window will open. It shows a list of all the parts in the rig along with a timeline.

In the paragraph above, we mentioned that the editor will only accept a model which meets the requirements. If your animations meet the requirements, it can be applied to stock human characters and non-human models. So, what are the model requirements?

  • First, the model needs to contain a part called HumanoidRootPart even if it is not human in appearance.
  • Second, all of its moving parts need to be connected with Motor6D objects.
  • Third, the HumanoidRootPart needs to connect to the rest of the model via a Motor6D.

Some of you are probably new in using Roblox Animation. If so, it is recommended for you to begin with one of the default rigs that are created through the Rig Builder button that you can find in the Plugins tab. For your information, these rigs already contain the basic parts and mechanism to build a character animation.

If you want to make an animation in the Animation Editor, you need to know some settings in it. First is Looping. When you are designing an animation in the editor, you are able to toggle on the Looping button to make it automatically loop. You need to know that a looping animation will not interpolate between the last keyframe and first keyframe. So, it is better for you that the last keyframe is identical to the first keyframe to make sure that the animation loops smoothly.

Second is Priority. In an actual game, you will use unique animations for different actions and state of player. For example, if you want a jump animation and an idle animation. Logically, the animation of jump should take priority over the idle animation so the characters do not perform both at the same time. You are able to set one of four priority levels for an animation by going to Edit and then Set Priority in the Editor Window.

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