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As a Roblox player, we are sure that you will be familiar with Commands Script. It is a script that allow certain player to perform certain actions on the game using commands. Usually, the commands are given through the chat or GUI text box. When you come to this page, you may want to find out the script of Reviz admin. If so, do not hesitate to keep reading this article.

Now, we are going to share Reviz Admin get kill tool script. But, before we talk about it. Let us talk some information about scripts. You have to know that the commands script will accept commands, some of script will also accept arguments that will be separated from each other. Then, some command scripts will also need commands to be prefixed by a symbol such as exclamation mark to differentiate commands from normal chat if the command script uses the chat to listen for commands.

Well, let us back to talk about the scripts you looking for. Actually, in finding Reviz admin get kill tool script, you are able to find it on the site of Pastebin. As we know that Pastebin site is a best site in giving the Roblox scripts. Because you are at this page, so you do not go anywhere. Just look at the text below. Here is the script of Reviz Admin get kill tool.


The Commands = {}

commandbar is shown once is pressed

kill  – You need a tool will kill the player, use kill to kill you and player

bring – You need a tool will bring player to you

spin – You need a tool makes you and the player spin crazy

unspin – Use after using spin command and dying, so you stop loop teleporting

attach – You need the tool that attaches you to the player

unattach- You need attempts to unattached you from the player

This is Reviz Admin get kill tool script that you are able to use. Now, you are able to try insert the script and see what happen on your game. In addition, you are able also to find Reviz Admin Kill Tool script in another site like If you want to access V3rmillion site, you need to register first by clicking on the red Register button at the upper right of the screen. However, many people said that Pastebin is the best site in providing the scripts.

Aside from that, you are able also to watch some video on Youtube about Reviz admin. There is a video you can watch entitled “Reviz Admin Commands”. It was uploaded by iiProudMuslim. On that video, you will be able to see the script of Reviz admin. Even in the description section, there is a link to where you can download the Reviz Admin Command script. If you want to download it, you only need to click the link and then click on the Download button.

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