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Phantom Forces is the name of the first person shooter game that was created by StyLiS Studios. This one is heavily inspired by the game called Battlefield 4 as well as the older projects of Litozinnamon such as Call of Robloxia 5. The game named Phantom Force has seen a mostly positive reception with the community of Roblox, with the estimated 15:1 like to dislike ratio and the long standing spot on the front page.

Talking about Phantom Forces, there is a thing called Phantom Forces cheat menu. What is Phantom Forces cheat menu? Phantom Forces cheat menu can be described as the in-game tool that can be used to help the user easily alter in the game values. This one is the feature that allows many more cheat options.


Function Keyboard/Mouse Controller Notes
Move W, A, S, D Left
Look Move mouse Right
Sprint Double tap: W

Hold: Shift

Press L Sprinting never expires and forces standing up.
Jump Space A Use when crouched or prone to stand up.
Crouch C B Press again while crouching to stand.

Press while prone to crouch.

Prone C x2 or Ctrl B x2 Press C while standing to crouch.

Press again while crouched to go prone.

Press C or X while prone to crouch.

Press Ctrl while standing to go prone (cannot use stand).

Stand Z Use jump Press Z while crouching or prone to stand.
Slide Shift + C Hold down L, B Must be sprinting.
Dive Shift + Z Hold down L, RB Must be sprinting.


Function Keyboard Controller Notes
Fire LMB RT Press R Clicking Right Stick functions as melee primary fire.
Melee Alt Fire RMB RT Only applies when holding melees.

With controller, RT is used.

Aim RMB Tap Q (toggle) LT
Alternate Aim Point Tap T (toggle) N/A Toggle will not function when scoped in.

Impossible with controller.

Steady Weapon Shift Down Only functions on scopes that is able to be steadied such as sniper scopes and VCOG 6x.
Reload R X Is able to be cancelled by firing unless magazine is empty.

Tube magazine weapons is able to cancel at any time.

Switch Firemode V Left
Grenade G RB Press to immediately throw the grenade.

Press and hold to cook the grenade, release to throw.

To cancel, quick melee or equip any weapon.

Quick Melee F Press R Hold to equip melee after finishing the attack.

While the melee is held, this functions as FIRE.

Spot Enemy E LB or Up See Sporting System for details.
Inspect H Down Is able to be cancelled by aiming or firing.
Switch Weapon 1, 2, 3 Scroll Wheel, F Hold Right, Y, R 1.       Choose primary

2.       Choose secondary

3.       Choose melee

Pick Up Weapon Hold V Hold Left


For further information about Phantom Forces cheat menu, please join the the community of Phantom Forces. They are a lot of members of the community that can you ask if you have any questions.

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