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Pets World is the name of the game created by a creator named Pets World on October 5, 2018. Since the first time its release, this one has been played 541 times, has gained 41,569 favorites, and more than 5.2M visits.

Pets World is the roleplay game in which you are able to become a pet and be adopted. You are able to be a farm animal, a dog, a cat, or even a fox. Do you want to know the details of the animals? Here are some information about them.

The dog in the game has a slender, pale brown body with a llama-like neck, a long bushy tail, sparkling eyeballs, alert ears, and flat feet. This one is able to make a barking sound (accompanied by a barking animation) by pressing H. The dog is the most commonly played as and it was the first pet introduced into the game.

The body of the car is a smaller version of the dog, but with different facial features. One of the sharp things is that the cat lack any whiskers. It is one of the few animals in the game that can make sounds (accompanied by a meowing animation) by pressing H. The cat is the second most played as and it was the second pet introduced into the game.

The hamster in the game has a blocky body, with light pink blocky feet, a darker dorsal stripe, and big eyes and ears. The model of it based on the real life Roborovski hamster. It is said that some players use this as a baby hedgehog.

Just like most of the Roblox games, a game called Pet World cannot be separated with the codes. These kinds of codes are able to be used to get the rewards. Here are some of the codes of Pets World.

  1. Santa = Santadog
  2. ToeFlaps = Chimera
  3. Helper = Elfcat
  4. SuperDragon = Skeleton Dragon
  5. 5Heads = Hydra
  6. KGPurp = Purply
  7. MadBirb = Phoenix
  8. SecretDragon = Dragon
  9. Tdino = Rex
  10. Raptor = Velociraptor
  11. Galaxy = Galactia
  12. Dragol = BPurply

Feel free to use any codes of Pets World that you want. As all the codes have been published on the internet, there is a chance of people used them when the article released. If a certain code has been used, please use another code. Please keep in mind that a code can only be used once. In this case, you are not encouraged to use the same code as it will not give you anything.

If you want to find the other active codes, you might want to find them on the platform such as Youtube. Aside from that, the community of Pets World also can be a good place to lurk for the code of the game. There might be some kind members of the community who kind enough to share the codes of Pets World freely. Once again, do not forget to only use the active one.

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