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Do you looking for the information about Outertale Megalovania Roblox ID? If you are looking for that information, so we suggest you to do not go anywhere because here we are going to share Outertale Megalovania Roblox ID for you.

Apparently, there are some other Roblox players who also look for this information. They may want to add Outertale Megalovania Roblox ID into their game so that they are able to listen to the song of Outertale Megalovania while they are playing the game of Roblox. It is so easy if you want to listen to Outertale Megalovania in Roblox. But the first step you have to do is looking for Outertale Megalovania Roblox ID. As we said before that here we are going to share Outertale Megalovania Roblox ID, so you are very lucky come to this page.

When we search Outertale Megalovania Roblox ID from our choice browser, we get some results. For Outertale Megalovania, Roblox ID is 391909996. Based on the research, this audio was created by ItsAmeri and the last updated of this audio was on April 01, 2016. Fortunately, you are free to use this audio. So, you are able to get it now without you spend your Robux. If you want to get this Outertale Megalovania audio, simply you are able to visit this link; https://www.roblox.com/library/391909996/Outertale-Outer-Megalovania. By clicking this link, you are going to taken to the page of Outertale – Outer Megalovania by ItsAmeri.

As we said before that we get some results once we search Outertale Megalovania Roblox ID from our choice browser. Other results are such as below:

  • Outertale ost – Spacecrusher by Guzmah. This audio was updated on April 28, 2016. The Roblox ID is 360117454. This is free to use.
  • Outertale Hopes and Dreams by SchmellowBoiPeeps. This audio was updated on October 16, 2016. The Roblox ID is 463646937. This is free to use.
  • Outertale – Fear Not. The Roblox ID is 918531993. Just copy this Roblox ID to add into your game.

Talking about Outertale Megalovania Roblox ID, you may want to know some information regarding Megalovania. Okay, here we are going to explain some information related Megalovania. According to the research, Megalovania is the hundredth track of the Undertale Soundtrack. Apparently, it is as the fast song which plays during the final battle against Sans on the Genocide Route. Megalovania was originally composed for Toby Fox’s hack of EarthBound that known as “Radiation’s Halloween Hack”. You have to know that “Radiation’s Halloween Hack” was about an alternate universe of EarthBound where the chosen four never returned, or simply put “bad rom hack” with swears. The track Megalomania was planned to be used as the game’s final boss theme. For your information, Toby Fox never got around to it, so he yelled whatever he felt like into a microphone and copied it down,” thus creating “Megalovania. Besides, Toby Fox has also hinted that Megalovania was also inspired by the SFC/SNES version of “Gadobadorrer” from Brandish.

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