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Music becomes one of crucial things in our life as well. Without music, we will have bare-feeling without entertainment. So as in the game of Roblox, music is one of great importance that every user must-have. Even, Roblox has a wide of music genres that belongs to several world-famous singers. So, what do the music genres and singers do you like in Roblox?

Recently, Roblox serves the funny music genre that you can listen. Indeed, in the library of Roblox, certainly you are allowed to listen a variety of songs you want. This place provides tons of music types and genres that will give you more fun while playing Roblox. Lots of adorable music and songs are favored by every Roblox user. Which makes the music so gorgeous is presented in different versions of music such as Remix, Bass Boosted, EARRAPE, slow and many more. Furthermore, every music version has its own uniqueness that make the Roblox users feel entertained.

Recently, there is an amusing music version that comes from a Canadian DJ. He is Loell Bergen, but he is well-known as OMFG or Alex Savage. In Roblox, he becomes popular after his songs are much heard by lots of Roblox users. Besides, he is YouTube musician who creates the Electronic/EDM music and also songs. He created some songs with unusual way that are different from other musicians. So, this is the special characteristic of his music version. That’s why his songs are much played by most of Roblox users.

One of his famous songs is Hello. In MrSuicideSheep as music distribution YouTube Channel, this song has been viewed by over 217 million viewers. ‘Hello’ song has been published on December 25, 2014 and loved by 2.8 million favorites. The song has been provided in some music store such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and also his social media. Loved by 2.8 million favorites in YouTube Channel, that’s a reason why adding and listening his music in your library is a must.

For you who are looking for the OMFG Hello Roblox ID, definitely you are in the right page. However, Hello song has some ID codes created by some music Creators in Roblox. Here, we show you some Hello IDs that probably you need in the text below!

  • OMFG – Hello (Glitch Hop). The code is created by TheDivinePanda on April 09, 2015. The ID code of this song is 235866928 and loved by 15 favorites.
  • OMFG – Hello. The code is created by Blue Quarter on March 27, 2015 with the recent update on April 23, 2015. The ID code of this song is 224329941.
  • OMFG – Hello (Will & Tim Remix). The code is created by iElyxis on August 10, 2015. The ID code of this song is 280229569.
  • OMFG – Hello. The code is created by AssaultQueenx on May 29, 2016. The ID code of this song is 422556160.
  • OMFG – Hello (Noteblock Cover). The code is created by Voxel_d on April 02, 2015. The ID code of this song is 233168890.
  • OMFG – Hello. The code is available on and loved by 221 favorites. The ID code of this song is 232741391.

Well, if you need for more ID code of this song, you do not hesitate to keep looking for in the library of Roblox. Then, adding the code to your Roblox account to get amazing and funny feel.

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