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You may have heard about Roblox Star Video Creators and now you are curious about the official group of this feature. This information is important to know by you moreover if you want to join this event. What is the official Roblox Star Video Creators group? What is this feature actually?

In Roblox, you will be able to find the official group of this feature as Roblox Video Stars. This is an official group which is owned by the Roblox administrator viddrox. This administrator is responsible for giving support and incentives to those in the Youtube Stars program. It is known that he joins Roblox since June 2018 and he has the membership of Outrageous Builders Club. As of May 2019, his place has been visited around 500.

Roblox Video Stars group houses users of the official Roblox Video Stars Program. In this group, the users receive the Video Creator Top Hat. Also, everyone in this group receives the Video Star Pizza Launcher during the Pizza Party event and also the Video Star Egg Launcher during Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time.

Now, this group has 210 members. They are all part of the Roblox Video Stars program and collaborate with Roblox on different things. Besides getting items as mentioned above, they also get Outrageous Builders Club, early access to choose items, events, features, video promotion from official Roblox channels, a video star icon beside their username on the player list in game and much more.

Do you know Youtubers who are in the Video Stars Program? Until August 9th, 2019, there are 184 known Video Stars and some of them are Alvin_Blox, 0Youtube_TanqR, Amberry, GPR3, GrumpyGravy, GustTv, ObliviousHD, OfficialDfield, NotThnxCya, Aquaerria, Arazhulino, ashelycoin, anamineblox11, Hagazo9, HelloItsVinh, hulkbr_oficial, Pankayz, PeetahBread, okgamerman, OrinigalZephPlayz, Ayzria, iiFNaTiK, INeedAMint, PinkFateYT, and many more.

Video Star Creator program was implemented on April 29th, 2019. The main purpose of it is to be able to support and feature the people in Roblox Video Stars Program. Where can we find it? It can be found when you are buying Premium or Robux and it is located under Select Payment Type. A button will say Enter A Star Code. If you make a purchase with a star code that you entered, it will support a Star Program member by giving them 5% of the purchase price at no extra cost.

If you want to join this program, you need to know that this is by invitation only. However, if you meet the criteria of this program, you are able to send links to your video channel and Roblox profile to videostars at so that you can be considered. If you have send your links, then you have to wait until at least 2 weeks to receive a response. The criteria that you need to have are having 10,000,000 cumulative Roblox video views, having 25,000 average views per Roblox video, and having 100,000 subscribers on channel. If you meet these criteria and you have not joined this program, you are able to try to send your video channel links and wait whether you can join it or not.

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