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If you like playing Obstacle Paradise and now you want to get the scripts and builds so that you are able to modify the game. It means that you need the uncopylocked version of the game. But as we know that a popular game is usually copylocked except if you have exploit you can take the limited builds and scripts of the game.

Obstacle Paradise in Roblox is a game which was created by I-C-T Studios. This game was made on January 22nd, 2017 and it can be played by 8 players in each server. This game is categorized into an adventure genre. As of September 14th, 2019, this game has been visited more than 32.3 million times. This game has also been favorited 483,001 times and liked 94,360 times.

In the description section of the game, the owner claims that Obstacle Paradise is the only game which combines two of Roblox classic, favorite genres into one epic games. In this game, you have to save up your money to be able to build the obby of your dreams and while you are doing it, you are able to playing the obbies of your friends at the same time.

There are several game passes that you are able to buy in this game including Double Jump for R$ 29, Checkpoints for R$ 99, Creative Mode for R$ 4999, and Unlimited Obby for R$ 799. There are also some game badges that you are able to gain in this game including Thanks for playing, Winner, To the max, Millionaire, and Obby Master.

Obstacle Paradise in Roblox is a copylocked game which means that the creator of the game only allows you to play the place on a server with limited permissions and you cannot open it in Roblox Studio and cannot save the place to your own computer. Then, if you try to search the uncopylocked version of this game in Roblox search box, you will get nothing. Instead of finding uncopylocked Obstacle Paradise, you will find Life in Paradise 2 Uncopylocked by ROBLOX_Transit, Build Your Own Game (Uncopylocked) by NerdyBro, New Obby!! (Uncopylocked)(New) by Chamounix, and Tycoon Uncopylocked by ggbroyomymomlikesu.

So what can we do if we insist on using the file of Obstacle Paradise but there is no uncopylocked version that we can find of the game. The only method that you can do is to get the file by using exploit. If you use exploit, you are able to copy the localscripts of a game and you can only take the builds and scripts which are limited. If you want to know what exploit that you can use and how to use it, you can ask other Roblox users in a forum or groups.

However, if you use exploit, it means that you get the file without the owner’s permission. So, it can be said that you steal the file. It is better for you to try to ask politely to the owner whether you can get the file to be modified or not. If they cannot give it to you, you have to make the game by yourself. Because if you use exploit, it may lead you to the serious problem such as being banned.

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