My Roblox Character Won’t Move

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Perhaps, for you as a newcomer of Roblox, you ever get the character not move or you are getting this trouble right now. In fact, almost more than 80% new Roblox users who are joining this game always get this trouble at Roblox game. Then, if you get the same problem, you do not worry because you are not alone for this case.

As veteran Roblox players, probably you ever get the trouble in which the Roblox character won’t move. Certainly, you will feel annoyed for this case. Indeed, when you are so excited to play Roblox, then you get this trouble. Automatically, you will be disappointed in Roblox and you do want to play Roblox again. However, that’s very reasonable at all.

In the game of Roblox, character can be called as the main part of the game. Character is such a role-play that holds the most important thing on Roblox. However, Roblox can exist because of the character. Then, without character, a game is totally nothing. You can play Roblox by existence of the character on it. So, having a gorgeous character on a game is totally needed for you.

So as in the game of Roblox, character relates to the avatar which is made on a Studio. For this case, the Roblox characters are different each other based on your favorite character. Then, if you play Roblox, you will get the character as you desire to perform you mission of game. Unfortunately, the character sometimes cannot move when you play it, especially for you who are a newcomer of Roblox.

The trouble actually can be caused for any factors, you may not notice for its trouble. If you are so curios to know the cause of why Roblox character won’t move, here are possible causes for you:

  • Too Wide Graphics Quality
  • Slow Internet Connection
  • Problematic on Windows Firewall
  • Trouble on Server Status
  • Background Apps Are Still Running
  • Keyboard is not supported
  • Invalid Time and Date on Your Device
  • Un-Update Roblox

Those can be the causes of the character not move when it is played. But, you are just slow down because we enlisted some possible ways to solve the trouble. Make sure that you run it step by step.

Reduce the Graphics Quality

The first way that you can take is to reduce the graphics quality. You can open Roblox Studio and navigate to the Tools > Settings > Rendering. It is an alternative if you get the Roblox character not move.

Check Internet Connection

You have to check your internet connection: the internet is to connect or not.

Fix Firewalls

In this way, you must check your Anti-Virus, make sure that it disables.

Check Server Status

It is so important to check your server status and confirm that’s up and running.

Disable Background Apps

You may try to non-active the background apps because it makes Roblox lag.

Check Your Keyboard

Sometime, you do not notice that the trouble of character not move is caused by problematic keyboard. In fact, un-supported keyboard cannot be used to move the character while playing Roblox.

Check Time and Date

It is so simple cause in which the time and date on your device is invalid at all.

Reinstall Roblox Apps

Make sure that you are ready to reinstall Roblox on your PC. However, un-update Roblox apps can be a main cause in which the character cannot move.

Well, those are some issues and the solution of the trouble to fix your Roblox character won’t move at all. Good Luck, Dude!

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