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As a Roblox player, you may want to know information about most followed Roblox players. Well, here in this page, we are going to share a list of most followed Roblox players. For your information, we take this list from Roblox wikia.

We are sure that you are very curious to know the most followed Roblox players. Based on the research, there are five top most followed Roblox in May 2019. To see the list of five top most followed Roblox players in May 2019, you are able to see the text below:

  • builderman – 69M+
  • ROBLOX – 3M+
  • DenisDaily – 1M+
  • DrTrayBlox – 881K+
  • mrflimflam – 751K+

Well, the text above is a list of most followed Roblox players. Now, you are able to prove it by visiting their profile account. If you look at builderman’s profile, you are able to see that currently he has 69M+ followers and 67M+ following. He has no friends. Currently wearing Roblox 2.0 Right leg, Roblox 2.0 left leg, Roblox 2.0 left arm, Roblox 2.0 right arm, Roblox 2.0 Torso, Roblox R&R&R& Hoodie by 1 blox, jeans, Turbo Builders Club Hard hat, and Mr.Chckles. If you want to get more detail about builderman’s profile, as the most followed Roblox players, so we suggest you to go to builderman’s profile directly.

In this article, we are going also share a list of Roblox players with the highest place visits that associated with their account on the platform of Roblox. On this list, there are also the most popular visited place. Although the names of the players on this list and their respective fame, but some of them are highly disliked across the Roblox community. Even, some of them have proven to be controversial. Therefore, we think that this list should not be considered as a popularity  ranking.

  • Alexnewtron: amount of visits: 3,450,825,733. Most visited place: MeepCity.
  • Dued1: amount of visits: 1,579,206,343. Most visited place: Work at a Pizza Place.
  • Nikilis: amount of visits:  1,543,372,792. Most visited place: Murder Mystery 2.
  • callmehbob: amount of visits: 1,495,737,082. Most visited place: Royale High.
  • Aesthetical: amount of visits: 1,034,367,391. Most visited place: Prison Life.
  • Coeptus: amount of visits: 903,336,948. Most visited place: Welcome to Bloxburg.
  • Stickmasterluke: amount of visits: 898,132,650. Most visited place: Natural Disaster Survival.
  • Ultraw: amount of visits: 852,922,258. Most visited place: Clone Tycoon 2.
  • TypicalType: amount of visits: 706,245,740. Most visited place: Epic Minigames.
  • Bloxtun: amount of visits: 704,130,084. Most visited place:  Mega Fun Obby.
  • Vurse: amount of visits: 625,290,066. Most visited place: Speed Run 4.
  • Cindering: amount of visits: 558,240,490. Most visited place: Roblox High School.
  • Defaultio: amount of visits: 513,404,669. Most visited place: Lumber Tycoon 2.
  • Onett: amount of visits: 499,054,218. Most visited place: Bee Swarm Simulator.
  • prisman: amount of visits: 483,923,073. Most visited place: Assassin!
  • PlatinumFalls: amount of visits: 474,881,470. Most visited place: Obby.
  • DemSkittlesDoee: amount of visits: 427,324,878. Most visited place: Robloxian Life.
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