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The song of Moonlight is a song that was written and performed by XXXTentacion from his second studio album. For your information, XXXTentacion is one of popular American rapper, singer and song writer. According to the research, on August 14, 2018, the song of Moonlight was sent to the rhythmic radio posthumously as the album’s third single.

Apparently, the song of Moonlight reached lots of chart positions globally, including a number 13 peak on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as a platinum certification following his death. So, it tied with “Falling Down” (with Lil Peep) as his third-highest charting song in the United States with both songs falling behind “Sad” and “Don’t Cry” (with Lil Wayne). The official music video for the song of Moonlight was released on October 1, 2018. The video was written and created by Onfroy and was directed by JMP. The video starts off with Onfroy seeing other people doing some dances and is passing through a cloud of smoke.

Talking about the song of Moonlight, you may open this page to find out information about the Roblox ID for Moonlight Earrape. If you want to know Moonlight Earrape Roblox ID, just continue to read this entire article because here in this article we are going to share the Roblox ID for Moonlight Earrape by XXXTentacion. You have to know that the Roblox ID for Moonlight Earrape is 305598372. Now, you are able to add this Moonlight Earrape Roblox ID into the game you want to play in the platform of Roblox. We are sure that as a Roblox player you have already add the Roblox ID into your game, so in this article we do not need to share a way to add the Roblox ID into the game we want to play.

In other case, if you never heard about the song of Moonlight Earrape, so you are able to listen to the song first before you add its Roblox ID. Now, go to YouTube and search the song of Moonlight. You are able to use a keyword “Moonlight Earrape”, then there will show some results related the song of Moonlight. Just click at the video to watch it. We are sure that you will enjoy that song and you will decide to add Moonlight Earrape Roblox ID into the game you want to play in the platform of Roblox.

Additionally, here in this article, we are going also to share other Xxtentacion Roblox IDs. So, if you want to add other Xxtentacion Roblox IDs, just enter those Roblox ID below.

  • Xxxtentacion – Jocelyn Flores: Roblox ID 1007872698
  • Xxxtentacion – King: Roblox ID 695312907
  • Xxxtentacion – Look at Me: Roblox ID 425832596
  • Xxxtentacion – Manikin: Roblox ID 774203880
  • Xxxtentacion – Changes: Roblox ID 1472055742
  • Xxxtentacion – Gnarly: Roblox ID 755311755
  • Xxxtentacion – Gnarly Bastard: Roblox ID 722700918
  • Xxxtentacion – Riot: Roblox ID 712895462
  • Xxxtentacion – Sad: Roblox ID 1470622998
  • Xxxtentacion – Skin: Roblox ID 680590397

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