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Mc Metal is the name of the unknown British MC or rapper from Liverpool, the United Kingdom. He is notable for his tracks such as MC Metal at His Best, Chav Dance, Thinking About you, Breakdown, Inferno, and R.I.P. Rooty. The man gained a lot of popularity thanks to Youtube channels like BlackPanthaa and Memeulous and has recently become the internet meme.

As stated before, Mc Metal is known especially for his song called Mc Mental at His Best. Mc Mental at His Best is known as the track that is the edited version of the 1997 techno track X-Paceland, written and performed by DJ Konik. Some people think that the track is ear rape due to its usage of bass boost and the audio being badly compressed. Aside from that, the vocals are not that great and the lyrics are nothing but gibberish even by MC-ing standards.

For those the Roblox players who love the songs by Mc Mental and want to have it featured in your Roblox game, fortunately, your are able to do it with the feature to add the audio offered by no one than Roblox.

In order to make it possible, you need to find the Roblox ID of the song by Mc mental first. The official website of Roblox is the best thing when it comes to the place that you can visit if you want to find the Roblox ID of the song. When you there, you can go to the Search bar and type “MC Mental“as the keyword. You will get to see the result after pressing the Enter button.

There are two Roblox ID related to MC Mental that you will be able to see on Roblox. the first one is 241560895 and the second one is 2174643065. Both Roblox IDs are for a song of Mc Mental called MC Mental at His Best. You can use one of those Roblox IDs if you want to have the song named MC Mental at His Best featured in your favorite Roblox game.

As you have found the Roblox ID of Mc Mental song, it is time for you to follow these following steps. Firstly, visit the official website of Roblox and log in to the platform using your own account. Secondly, choose any random games that you want to play. It can be your favorite Roblox game. keep in mind that not every single game on the platform can use this feature so make sure to choose the right one. If there is a possibility, you will be able to see something popping up. Thirdly, enter the Roblox ID of the song by Mc Mental. Fourthly, re-check and ensure that the Roblox ID of the song by Mc Mental that you just entered is right. Fifthly, press the Play button to get the song started playing. Sixthly, enjoy the song by Mc Mental while you are playing your favorite game. If something goes wrong, please contact Roblox Support.

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