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There are a lot of games on Roblox that you are able to explore. Some games on Roblox even can make you more creative. Do you like playing Obstacle Paradise? In this game, you are able to make your own obby. So, how to make your own obby in that game?

Obstacle Paradise is a game which was created by I-C-T Studios on January 22nd, 2017. This game can be played by 8 maximum players and it is categorized into an Adventure genre. Now, this game has been visited more than 27.7 million times with more than 443K favorites and also more than 87K likes. This game is the only game which combines two Roblox’s classic, favorite genres into one awesome game. Your task in this game is to save up your money to be able to build the obby of your dreams and when you are doing it, you are able to play the obbies of your friends at the same time. This game is easy to play even though you play it in a computer, tablet or even Xbox.

If you play this game, there are some game badges that you are able to gain. Those badges are Thanks for Playing, Winner, To the Max, Millionaire, and Obby Master. Besides, there are also game passes that you are able to buy including Double Jump for R$ 29, Checkpoints for R$ 99, Creative Mode for R$ 4999 and Unlimited Obby for R$ 799.

Now, the question is, how to make our own obby in this game. Actually, if you want to know how to do this, there are some videos on Youtube that you can watch as a guide. Some videos about it are Making My Own Obby in Roblox by Denis, Roblox – Create Your Own Obby by Roblox, Making My Own Obby in Roblox (Rage) by ItsFunneh, Making My Own Obby In Roblox Obstacle Paradise (Easy To Hard Modes) by XdarzethX – Roblox & More, Creating Our Own Obby!/ Roblox: Obstacle Paradise by Janet & Kate and many more.

In the video of XdarzethX – Roblox & More, you are able to see that there are a lot of doorways and his avatar enters to his XdarzethX’s Obbies doorway and the he jumps down. After that, he clicks on Build button at the top of the screen and there appears some choices for making obbies including the price. Here, you are able to choose any stuff that you want to build your own obby. Just click on the stuff that you want to buy. And then, you are able to adjust the position of the obbies based on what you want.

By watching the videos, you are also able to get some inspiration for making your own obby. You may not have any idea how to make it hard or easy. But if you want these videos, at least they can help you to get some ideas. Use red Build button at the top of the screen to choose the stuff. There are also Store button at the left side of the Build button and also Upgrade button in the right side of the Build button.

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