Lumber Tycoon 2 Money Hack

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One of the Lumber Tycoon 2 money hacks is called lava wood farming. Basically, you have to farm the lava in order to get more money. What do you have to bring? The first one is the vehicular concerns. You can bring any truck that you want but the smaller one is recommended. The maximum is 2 trailers. Apparently, going downhill controlling more than 3 is the real hard task and the risk to all your wood. The main reason behind it is due to the awesome physics of the Roblox and the fact that you are on the land train with no tracks going downhill.

The second one is the axes. It is better for you to bring something as good as the Hardened Axe of the Silver Axe. As you probably know, cutting those kinds of tree takes a lot of time. If you have the Fire Axe, you can bring that as well. This one will be able to save your time. Bringing one axe is encouraged if you are not experienced going up the volcano obstacles course as you will risk more than you think. Losing the axes is the small thing, there might be worst scenario.

Anything else that you have to bring? If you bring the Fire Axe, you can bring friends. The time can be saved and you can drop the lava wood. Apparently, the amount of trees up at the volcano could fill up at around two Val’s Haulers or big trucks and at least two 531 Haulers or big trailers combined. If you do not have the Fire Axe, bringing friends can be a good option as well as you can use them as fast resorts.

Before going to the volcano, you have to make sure about many things. If you =r health is not good, it is better for you to quit. If you do not feel confident enough on climbing the volcano, you ca bring the second vehicle.

Where do you drive? First, you can drop the trailers near the entrance. This one will make the trip up the volcano easier. Once you are inside, always drive on the left hand side of the path. In fact, boulders always roll on the right hand side. However, it does not mean the left hand side is safer. Please be careful or you might drive off the edge.

Keep going and do not stop as it may cause the truck to get stuck on wedges or even turn and get rolled over or blocked by the boulders. The next thing that you have to do is to think about dropping the trees down the volcano, down to where the flat area where you came from and where the entrance is. This one is safer if you compare it to the same path that you used before and you will not risk any more wood falling off the truck and wood will not block your way down the volcano.

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