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Apparently, the ability to be used as the library in order to extend the application is what makes Lua the extension language. At the same period, the program that uses the Lua is able to register the new functions in the Lua environment like functions are implemented in C and is able to add facilities that cannot be written directly in Lua.

The views of Lua correspond to two types of interaction between C and Lua. In the first type, C has the control and Lua is the library. Please keep in mind that the C code in this type of interaction is called application code. In the second type, Lua has the control and C is the library. The C code is known as the library code. Two of them use the same API in order to communicate with Lua, which is also known as C API.

The C API can be described as the set of functions that allow C code to interact with Lua. This one comprises functions to read and write Lua global variables, to call Lua functions, to run pieces of Lua code, to register C functions so that they are able to be called by Lua code, and so on.

For those who are looking for the scirpt of LUA C exploits, you can go to Pastebin. Pastebin is the name of the website that offers a lot of scripts, including the script of LUA C exploits. One of the script of LUA C exploits that you will be able to see there is entiled Roblox Dab Script (LUA C). This one was uploaded by a guest on November 20, 2017. This script was converted by Popisondiscord or Popularguy211.

1. getglobal game

2. getfield -1 Players

3. getfield -1 LocalPlayer

4. pushvalue -1

5. setfield -2 local plr

6. getglobal plr

7. getfield -1 Character

8. pushvalue -1

9. setfield -2 local chr

10. setfield -2 local mouse

11. getglobal

12. getglobal Instance

13. getfield -1 new(‘HopperBin’, plr

14. getfield -1 Backpack)

15. pushvalue -1

16. setfield -2 q

17. getglobal q

18. setfield -2 Name

19. setfield -2 Bin

20. getglobal

21. getglobal

22. getglobal Instance

23. getfield -1 new(‘Sound’, plr

24. getfield -1 Character

25. getfield -1 Torso)

26. pushvalue -1

27. setfield -2 dabbing

28. getglobal dabbing

29. pushnumber 5

30. setfield -2 Volume

31. getglobal 0

32. getfield -1 7

33. getglobal dabbing

34. pushvalue -2

35. setfield -2 Pitch

36. getglobal dabbing

37. setfield -2 SoundId

38. getglobal

39. getglobal function stopAnimations

40. pcall 1 1 0

41. getglobal for _,v in pairs(game

42. getfield -1 Players

43. getfield -1 LocalPlayer

44. getfield -1 Character

45. getfield -1 Humanoid

46. getfield -1 GetPlayingAnimationTracks) do

47. pushvalue -2

The LUA C exploits script above is not full. If you want to know the full one, you can visit the official website of Pastebin. Aside from the full script, you will be able to see the RAW paste data of the script.

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