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JJSploit is known as one of the best and the most well-known sploits in the Roblox world. This exploit is a free level 7 exploit from a site named WeAreDevs. You cam change the values in your humanoid, including the hip height, the speed, the jump power, and so on. please take a note that you need to experiment with it a bit because several games have features that will kick you out when you execute some particular commands.

With a sploit named JJSploit, you can expect some things such as flexibility, constant updates, and enjoy the premium feel. It has the ability to kill anyone, manipulate the players, and execute the commands. Aside from those advantages, it also has a near-full Lua and Lua C executor (100 lines). On the other words, you can load small scripts from Pastebin or V3million which will expand your abilities. However, you will not be able to load some complicated scripts like Grab Knife 4.

Here is the LUA C admin script JJSPloit as taken from Pastebin:

1. –[[Floaty thing by SezHu.


3. If you want a creation like this of your own, shoot me a friend request me on Discord! (Sezzie

4. #1875) Prices start at 250 robux.]]–



7. local songs = {

8. 1257885677, –Steamed hams

9. 1117396305, –Oh, it’s you.

10. 1014613357, –Fortress of Lies

11. 692796920, –Soul Food

12. 1137575800, –Burn Marks

13. 388853531,

14. 1388205829, –D r o w z y

15. 566546592, –S a y o n a r a

16. 1446511374, –Oracle

17. } –Add your songs by replacing the IDs with your song ID.



20. local quotes = {

21. “Something to relax to..”,

22. “Yawn..”,

23. “Just floatin’~”,

24. “Going up~”,

25. “I like this song..”,

26. “Time to kick back..”,

27. “^w^”,

28. } –Feel free to replace the quotes with stuff of your own.



31. local function soundbork(obj)

32. if obj:IsA(“Sound”) and obj.Name ~= “playlist” then

33. –obj: Destroy() Delete the dashes in order to silence all music but your own.

34. return

35. end



38. local children = obj:GetChildren()

39. for i = 1, #children do

40. soundbork(children[i])

41. end


43. return

44. end


46. –//Constants\\–


48. Effects = { }

49. local Player = game.Players.localPlayer

50. local Mouse = Player:GetMouse()

51. local Character = Player.Character

52. local Humanoid = Character.Humanoid

53. local Head = Character.Head

54. local RootPart = Character.HumanoidRootPart

55. local Torso = Character.Torso

The Lua C admin script for JJSploit above is not complete. If you want to know about the complete one, you can look for one on Pastebin. Then, how to look for the scripts on Pastebin? First of all, you need to open Pastebin. When you are there, head to the search bar and type “Lua C admin script JJSploit” as the keyword. By pressing the Enter or Search button, you can see the result.

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