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Key card door is known as the plastic card, similar to the credit card, that has the attached magnetic strip that is coded by the check in computer and read by the lock on the room door. The entire new key, with the different code is created for every room with every change of person. Basically, the codes from the previous use are wiped out by the computer and replaced with the new pattern that is also sent electronically to the room lock.

Apparently, the key card door is anonymous and easily changed, making it nearly impossible for the a bad person to pick up and break into the room. The only weakness of this technological version of room security is demagnetization. It is said that if the electronic key is carried too close to the magnet or the other credit card, it can lose its code.

In the game like Mad City, the key card door can be used to open prison doors. Therefore, the prisoner who has the key card door can use this one to escape or trespass through prison doors, and become the criminal. Other than that, this kind of card has no use than to let the other prisoners escape. In order to get the key card door by pickpocketing the police, the player should be a criminal or a prisoner, and then walk behind the police while holding “E”. Once the criminal or the prisoner gets the key card door, they are vulnerable death or arrest by the police officer as well as the hero.

In the world of Roblox, in order to open the door using the key card, you need a script. A site named Pastebin can be a good place to visit when it comes to the script. You can just go there and type the keyword on the Search bar without having to sign in to the site first. Then, the result will be shown after pressing Enter.

Here is the script of key card door created by AlibyGamingZ:


    if hit.Parent.Name == “Keycard” then

        script.Parent.CanCollide = false

        script.Parent.Transparency = 1


        script.Parent.CanCollide = true

        script.Parent.Transparency = 0



There are some things that you have to take a note. First, in order to use this scripted event you have to make first a tool. Second, make sure to rename it to Keycard. Third, if you use another name make sure you change the hit.Parent.Name == “Tools Name” then everything should work perfectly.

Please copy the entire script of key card door and paste it on Roblox. If you need assistance, you can seek a help from the community of Roblox. In the same community, you are able to dig the information about the key card door, the script, and about Roblox in general. If needed, you can reach out the customer service of Roblox named Roblox Support. For more information, please visit the official website of Roblox and the sites such as Wiki.

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