How to Use Basements in Bloxburg

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Basement in a house can be an important place that must exist for some homeowners. It is because a basement has many functions that help you to place anything inside. So as a basement in Bloxburg, it can be a crucial room to help you by storing a variety of items. For that reason, building a basement in Bloxburg is a must for every player.

Building a basement can be a fun and catchy activities while playing Welcome to Bloxburg. In this game, you are allowed to choose lots of great furniture and items that will be needed in the building basement. Besides, you can also decorate and place the items as you wish. Unfortunately, coloring and painting the basement wall and floor are such a forbidden way to do. But, you are still enjoyed by placing the adorable furniture in every corner of the basement.

However, a basement is built to help a homeowner having a storing space in a house. Generally, the function of a basement is to put unused and useless items in order to make a house keep tidy. But in Bloxburg, not only store unused items, but also you can spend 24 hours-activities inside. So, build a cozy and decorative basement is a must for you while playing Welcome to Bloxburg.

Well, how to use basements in Bloxburg? As we have been described above, if you build the basement up, the first functions that you can get is to store your lovely items inside both of used and unused items. The main reason to build a basement in the house is to keep items tidy in a place. So, if you need it sometimes, you get it easier. While keeping the items tidy, you also make your home cozier and neatly arranged well.

Besides storing items, evidently a basement can be used by players to relax. Absolutely, you can spend more than 24 hours on it. Many players prefer to play and spend time in a basement that they have been built. So, what are the activities that you can do in a basement?

There are some YouTubers as Roblox players that share the activities that the players can do in the basement when bored. Those are:

Decorate the Wall. You can decorate the walls by drilling the hanging wall-shelves to put some accents such as flowers, pictures, books and many more.

Stick the Flashlight on the Wall. You can place some flashlights by sticking them on the wall. You can design them as you wish to make the wall more attractive and gorgeous.

Cook the Favorite Food. You can also build a kitchen that you can use to cook some favorite food while spending more hours in a basement. It is because you cannot order a delivery food when you are in a basement.

Watch TV-Show. When you are bored in basement, definitely you can pick the remote to turn on your TV. You can watch your favorite TV-Show or program to throw your boring away.

Dance Party. Besides watching your favorite show on TV, you can also dance party which is absolutely more fun for you. You can choose a lovely party-custom and stand on the stage that has been built in a basement. So, just dance accompanied with your favorite music as well.

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