How to See How Much Robux You Spent

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It is normal for Roblox players to spend Robux. The thing can become a little bit scary when you think you have spent your Robux a lot and you just released it recently. In this case, you might want to see all the records and maybe regret it after seeing the list. So, how can you see how much Robux you spent?

In Roblox, there is a thing called Trade page that keeps record all account transactions and allows the user to view said transactions immediately after it has processed. This one is divided up into some basic tabs.

The first tab is called My Transactions tab which is also more known as Roblox Transactions page. My Transactions tab is where you are able to view the transactions made by the Roblox account. You will be able to view the price of the items, the date they were purchased, and which the items were purchased from. This tab features a drop down menu that allows you to toggle through Purchases, Sales, Commissions and Group Payouts.

Under the Sales option of the menu, there is a page similar to the Purchased option. It allows you to view items you have sold to the other users. In the columns, you can see the amount the item was sold for, the description of the sale, the user who purchased the item, and the date that the transaction took place. The third and final one in the Transaction Type down menu is Commissions, which is the most similar to the Sales option. However, this one shows the sales, or commissions, you get when the item is sold from one of the places by the different developer, that is able to be scripted in the game.

The second one is Summary tab. Summary tab is the tab where you will find all of the information pertaining to the money you have made any time in the past year. The tab includes information on some things. Those are Promoted Page Conversion Revenue, Sale of Goods, Currency Purchase, Builders Club Stipend, Trade System Trades, Game Page Conversion Revenue, Pending Sales, and Group Payouts. Summary tab has a Time Period drop down menu. This one is where you are able to toggle through the period of time you want to see the income summary for.

The third one is Trade Items tab. This one is the tab that indicates your trade history. The “Inbound” section shows you trades given to you from the other players, which are pending. The “Outbound” one shows you trades that you have given which are pending. The “Completed” one shows you trades that have been accepted. The “Inactive” one shows you trades that have not been accepted, have been expired or failed due to errors.

The fourth one is Promotions tab. This one can be described as the tab that shows the data how much you earn from the link. Unfortunately, this tab was removed on the unknown date, possibly due to low use.

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