How to Say Numbers on Roblox

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In fact, using FilterStringForBroadcast will replace all numbers with hashtags 100% of the time. For instance, when you want to write names on your servers like Testing v107, but you cannot do so since it becomes something like Testing ####.

The same situation might happen on the chat. You cannot even spell out the word without it being censored. Actually, you are allowed to spell them out on the shout, but not on the chat. In general, you cannot even use numbers in the game without it being censored. So, what is the main reason behind the numbers being censored in Roblox?

There is no exact answer to the question. There are some opinions floating around the internet. One of the most popular opinions is because the players of Roblox will reveal the personal information, such as their age, their address, their phone number, and so on. Apparently, the platform no longer permits under 13 users to say numbers so they are not able to give out their age, their phone number, their address, or the other identifying information. However, some Roblox account might still hashtagged even after setting their Roblox accounts into over 13. If it is the case, it is clear that the issue is not about the age. Basically, there are some particular numbers and some specific games that will still be censored.

The developer of Roblox stated about the numbers being censored that any displayed text that the developer does not have the explicit control overs should be filtered. This normally refers to the text that the players have control over but there are a few other cases that are important to consider in order to make sure that the games are compliant with the Roblox filtering rules.

Then, how to say the numbers on Roblox? is there any method to do so? Currently, there is no official method to say numbers on Roblox. However, a lot of players have been using some tricks to handle this kind of situation. There is a guide that you can use to say the numbers on the platform. For instance, if you want to say “one”, you can just use “on” or “won” instead. For the number “two”, it is able to be replaced with “too”. What about number “three”? There is a word for a thing named “tree” so you are able to use this word instead. Aside from that, you can also give a space between “th” and “ree” and make it “th ree”. Using the space is the easiest way and can be used to for the other numbers as the person that you are talking to will understand with what you are talking about easily than using the other terms. You can use “fo ur” or “for” for four, “fi ve” for five, “s ix” for six, “se ven” or “see van” to minimize filtering for seven, “ei ght” or ate for eight, “ni ne” or “nien” for nine, “t en” or “tin” for ten”, and many more.

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