How to Record Screen on Roblox

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In the game of Roblox, you are allowed to record your screen while playing Roblox. Indeed, it can be an alternative for you to eternalize your game on your storage. You probably will need the archive of game someday. So, it can be easy for you to find the memory if you record your game. So, do you know how to record screen on Roblox? Keep staying on this page to know the answer!

We ensure that you will need some memories or archive someday when you are doing something. So as in playing game, you definitely will need the record of game. However, the record will be needed to know the methods how to play a game and what the strategy that you take to attack your enemy. Those can be a reference for you when you are playing different game in one time. Certainly, every game can be recorded if your device so support to do it. Are you curious how to record screen while playing Roblox?

Generally, to record screen in every game is totally same. It depends on what the device that you use to record it. But, in this case, we will focus to discuss about the way to record screen on Roblox. However, you may want to have a memory of playing Roblox. Whereas, we know that screenshot the game just have a chance to cut it someday. So, it is better for you to record your Roblox game and save it on your storage.

To record the Roblox game, you can do the ways as we will explain one by one in the below!

Record the Screen Using Built-in Recorder

Step 1: Go to the game that you are playing.

Step 2: Click the menu button in the upper-left corner.

Step 3: Then, click the Record tab in the game menu.

Step 4: After that, you can find the Video Setting options in which you will choose what to do with the video. They are: Upload to YouTube and Save to Disk. If you choose Upload to Video, you will be directed automatically into YouTube account. Meanwhile, if you choose save to disk, the recorded video will save it to your computer.

Step 5: After you choose one option, then, to start recording, click Record Video.

Step 6: When recording the video is done, you can click the icon in the upper-left corner.

Step 7: To view your video, you can click My Videos link on the pop-up.

Record the Screen Using Screen Recorder

If you have a screen recorder app, you can use it to record your Roblox game. Here are the ways:

Step 1: Go to Roblox game.

Step 2: Launch the Screen Recorder.

Step 3: Then, turn on system and microphone audio, then, choose recording area.

Step 4: Play your favorite game in Roblox. Click “REC” to record your game screen.

Step 5: When the video is totally done, you can click the stop button to watch your recorder video.

Step 6: Click “Save Videos” to download the recorder MP4 Roblox video to your PC.

Definitely, you can choose one of them or both of them based on what you want. Good Luck, Dude!

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