How to Play Roblox Arsenal on PC

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Arsenal is a FPS game created on August 18, 2015 by the ROLVe Community. The game is based on CS:GO’s Gun Game mode, Arms Race. The game of Arsenal supports R15, Gamepad controls, and Mobile devices. By the way, how to play the game of Roblox Arsenal on PC? Let us talking about that here.

In the game of Roblox Arsenal, the players have to get kills and eventually reach 32 kills or 16 kills (If in other game modes other than Standard). After reaching 32 kills or 16 kills, they are going to receive a golden version of their chosen melee weapon with the exception of Fisticuffs and need to kill someone with said weapon so that the player and their team to win.

Every time, a player of Roblox Arsenal kills another player. Their weapon is swapped for a new weapon, unless the game mode is Gun Rotations or Randomizer TDM or FFA. If the player is humiliated because killed by a knife, commit suicide, or in the past, dye to the Egg Hunt chicken boss, they are going to move down a rank (lose one kill and revert to a different weapon), with most of available announcers, except the announcer John, showing anger or disappointment at the player for losing a rank. The players are able also to access in-game shop which contains cosmetics including the skins, taunts, cases, and melee weapons that may be purchased at any time for the game’s currency, B$, and resets daily.

If you play Roblox Arsenal on PC, usually WASD and space are the standard controls for all PC games. You have to know that W, A, S and D are for normal movement, going forward, left, right and back respectively. The right and left arrow keys are to turn the camera left and right, respectively. Then, usually, the up and down arrow keys do not have any function in-game. O and I are to zoom in and out respectively, and depending on the game you are playing. If you spam, you are going to get to play first person, and can move the camera and aim by using your mouse. Besides, you are able also to use the scroll wheel in the middle your mouse to reach the same function. The left-click is used for most functions in-game. Usually, the weapons and tycoons are the main things it’s useful for.

The number keys are to switch the items in your inventory, as you are able to use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 to get to different items. Depending on the game the you are playing, you can only hold 10 items at one time. Other buttons are able to be used if the select game you have chosen has controls different from standard roleplayers. Aside from that, the players are able also to use emotes by pressing G if on PC, or tapping on the emote button on Mobile. If G or the emote button is double-tapped, so the player is able to do the popular Default Dance from the game of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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