How to Make and Use Roblox Player Badges

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You can obtain a badge by fulfilling a certain requirement. The Badges have a similar purpose to achievements in games outside of Roblox. As a result, it is not uncommon for the players of Roblox to intentionally seek out badges as many as possible. Even, there are entire groups that dedicated to badge-hunting.

Roblox Player Badges are badges made by the users and are awarded to the players in games. Usually, the creator make them obtainable by progressing or finding secrets. Unlike Roblox badges, the players are able to remove them from their inventory. For your information, the Inventory is a feature on Roblox that allows a player to view the items that they own or other Roblox items that other users own. The Inventory is able to hold items as many as the player wants and it may only be edited by the player who owns that inventory. You have to know that the player badges’ difficulties are influenced by how lots of players got it yesterday. Sometimes, this does not remotely reflect the difficulty of getting the badge.

In 2009, Roblox added the “Player badges” feature, so the players of Roblox  could make their own badges for other players to earn. If you do not know how to make a badge, in the text below, we are going to share its way.


  • Make sure that you have made a Roblox account. You do not need Builder’s Club member because you are able to make badges for Ribux.
  • Then, you are able to make a place if you don’t already have one.
  • After that, you have to go to my Roblox. Please go to places in the red navigation bar.
  • You are able to click on the words “make a badge for this place” under the photo of your place you want to make the badge for.
  • Please download and save the “badge template”.
  • Now, you have to open the badge template in the image editing software of your choice.
  • You are able to customize the white circle inside the black square with the desired colors and images you want.
  • Then, simply click the browse button and select the image you just created in your pictures folder and click “Open”.
  • You have to click on “Create”. If this does not work, make sure that the badge image is inside the white circle, and try again.
  • In this step, you have to click on buy badge for 100 Robux button. Please find your badge in the “My Models” category of your insert tool on the “Build” or “Play Solo” modes in your place.
  • Just place the model in your place and it’s done.
  • Finally, now you only need to wait people to come and see your badge.

Well, the text above is an explanation about how to make Roblox players badge. If you have any question relate Roblox player badge, just comment in the section below.

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