How to Make a Roblox Thumbnail

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Roblox thumbnails are images which used to represent a game on its details page. Besides, Roblox thumbnails also can be used to show a new player what he/she can expect when he/she click the “Play” button on your game. You have to know that the games have up to 10 thumbnails. Usually, each of these can be a video or an image. For a default thumbnail will be added when the game is published, but you can update it later if you want.

As a Roblox player, we think that you need to know and learn about Roblox thumbnails and how to make it. Because you are at this page, well we are going to discuss about that. After you have created a game in Roblox, you may use default thumbnail or custom thumbnail. To attract more people click on the “Play” button on your game, it is going to be better to make Roblox thumbnails. A game thumbnails are able to be used to help showcase game features, announce updates and advertise a game. In the text below, you will be able to see some steps to make Roblox thumbnails.

  • At the first step, to make Roblox thumbnails, make sure that you make the best use of color. For this case, you can use the brighter colors. It is going to make you get the more chance of having a stand out Roblox thumbnail. Please remember that you do not go to overboard because it is going to make Roblox thumbnail look gaudy and cheap.
  • After that, you will need to use right saturation. In this step, if you use high saturation colors, it can make a game thumbnail look dream-like, but If you use lower saturation, it can look more somber tone.
  • Now, you have to show your game thumbnails in its most brilliant and viewable state. You have to note that the images with low contrast, it is going to look washed out, but the images with excessive contrast, it is going to look fake and unattractive.
  • The last step you have to note in making Roblox thumbnail is about the size of Roblox thumbnail. For your information, the images that you are able to use as Roblox thumbnails are the images with has a resolution of 1920 X 1080. By using its size, it will show nicely across all platforms. Aside from that, you need also to use the format jpg or png.

In addition, you are able to add a custom Roblox thumbnail using the auto-generated image from the game itself. It is free and it can be used by you to allow the environment of the game speak for itself. If you want to use an auto-generated image, you need to choose Auto Generated Image from the menu on the right. Then, you have to click on Set Thumbnail. Apparently, it will take a screenshot of your game. You need also send the shot to moderation for review and it need to move camera.

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