How to Make a Roblox Music Code ID

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The platform called Roblox offers developers a lot of ways to make their games immersive and dynamic. One of the offers is the use of the audio. It is where the Roblox players can add to their places as the background music, narration, sound effects and many more.

What kind of format can you upload in? According to the official website of Roblox, all the players can upload mp3s or OGG files. Please remember that trying to upload in any other format runs the risk of error where the file will not function properly.

What should you do to upload the audio? Everything can easily be done through the official website of Roblox. In order to do this, firstly, log into the account of Roblox. Secondly, click Create in the blue bar at the top of the screen. Thirdly, click on Audio, fourthly, click Browse and choose the audio file. Fifthly, click Estimate Price in order to determine the Robux cost of the upload. Sixthly, click Purchase for XR$ to finalize the purchase. Please keep in mind that the audio uploads must be less than 7 minutes, smaller than 20.0 MB, clear and easy to understand. On the other words, the audio cannot be sped up, slowed down, or had the volume excessively altered.

Before uploading, you have to know that there is the cost that you have to spend. For the 0-10 seconds, you have to pay 20 Robux. For 10-30 seconds, you have to pay 35 Robux, for 30 seconds – 2 minutes, you have to pay 70 Robux. Meanwhile, for 2-7 minutes, you have to pay 350 Robux.

Once the audio uploaded, the file of it is able to be customized on the Configure page. If you want to locate this page, you can click on the gear icon located to the right of the uploaded file in the Audio tab of the Create section. For your information, the Configure page has some options, including the name (you are allowed to change the name of the audio file), the description (the summary of the audio file), the turn comments on or off (select whether or not this item is open for comments), the genre (it can classify the audio to help people find it), the make free (you can choose whether or not this item is freely available to all users. If this option is not checked, the audio will only be able to be used by you).

Apparently, the audio that you have just uploaded, just like the other objects, has a unique ID found in the URL of the audio page. How to make the Roblox ID of the audio that you just uploaded? Wiki stated that unlike the other objects, the audio IDs do not need to be subtracted and are given directly. On the other words, you do not have to create the Roblox ID as it is given directly. In the end, the audio ID can be used when creating the Sound objects.

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